Oribe Debuts New Styling Products

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Earlier this week, NYC beauty editors caught an in-action first glimpse of Oribe Hair Care’s newest styling offerings set to launch in March. In a matter of minutes—less than 20!—Oribe Hair Care Global Ambassador James Pecis used the new products to craft two stunning and vastly different styles on his models’ locks. Think: Prairie Goes to the City, a victory-roll-like look he originally designed for Brock Collection at NYFW, and Brunch-After-the-Gym, a twisted knot design. The new star products he used to get the gorgeous styles: Swept Up Volume Powder Spray and Free Styler Working Hairspray.

When Pecis first joined the Oribe team, the brand picked his brain for ideas on products he would like to see in the Oribe lineup. Hence Swept Up Volume Powder Spray was born. Taking a departure from typical powder sprays that come in shaker packaging, user-friendly Swept Up instead pumps out a loose powder spray which means less mess when spritzing at the roots. “We didn’t want to make just an ordinary product that everyone else has. We wanted to do something super unique and special,” explains Oribe director of product development Michele Burgess, who notes Swept Up gives locks amazing lift and dramatic volume. “Think of Bridget Bardot with her big, bodacious, beautiful matte finish hair.”

Key ingredient tapioca starch lends the product its grip and texture while helping to build volume from the root and, bonus, it even absorbs oil residue when used on 2nd Day-in locks. The styling possibilities are endless. Think: incredible root volume or specifically placed volume that cuts the need for back combing; a tight grip on slippery knots; a Velcro to keep pins in place; or a perfect pair for wigs and hair pieces. “It’s so versatile, it’s like magic!” says Pecis, who notes he also uses Swept Up as a short cut or as his Swiss Army knife. “When I’m doing really quick changes on set and time is super important, instead of prepping hair with lots of products and tools to get texture, you can just go in with this and finagle it into place. It also gives you very serious traction so you can use it directly as a styling product or to get pins to stick in place and cheat volume.”

On Oribe’s educators’ wish list: Free Styler Working Hairspray, a super light and noncommittal hairspray whose formula includes flexible polymers, which keep spotted wetness at bay with a dry finish. “It’s something a lot of stylists use backstage,” says Burgess, who notes the product is also a safe bet for bridal trials or customers new to styling. “It gives you a lot of freedom because you can brush through it and style and restyle multiple looks.”

Don’t be shy in educating customers on these new offerings as both work just as well for skilled stylists and clients alike. “If you’re an editorial stylist you can create really extreme looks on set, backstage or at Fashion Week or consumers can use them for every day looks,” says Burgess.  They cover a lot of bases and they're fun to play with because there's so many different looks you can create with them!” –Molly Church

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[Images: Molly Church]

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