A Meeting of Minds in Milan: Aveda’s Master Jam Europe 2016

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Every year, Aveda Artists hone their artistic skills with the help of education events hosted globally by Aveda. On October 10th, they united in Milan, Italy for one of the brand’s most renowned educational events — Aveda Master Jam Europe 2016.

Nearly 2,000 industry experts attended the exciting event which featured spectacular looks in hair and makeup, artistic presentations and technical educational workshops hosted by leading Aveda Artists from around the globe. Attending artists then returned to their salons to perfect their art as stylists, hair cutters, colorists, barbers and makeup professionals.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

Image courtesy of Aveda

Highlights from the show day included:

Antoinette Beenders, Aveda Global Creative Director
Beenders brought her new personal collection, Club Chic, to the stage, modernizing the 1990’s supermodel club girl look and reinterpreting it for today with wearable, chic styles.

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“My last few collections were quite avant-garde, so this time I decided to turn everything upside down and produce a subtle, consumer-friendly collection — all to create something beautiful, while challenging myself as a hairdresser to step outside of my box,” Beenders says. “Even at our industry educational shows, the looks have been very aspirational and couture for the hairdresser. Club Chic is for Aveda guests; it’s cool styles that are very attainable.”

The result was a ready-to-wear vibe, very much a take on the chicness of the 1990’s supermodel. And while the hairstyles are achievable with an everyday approachability, the looks still embody that Beenders’ high-end sensibility with superb detailing and rich styling.

Beenders also presented Cheeky Pop, an artistic tribute to the heritage that is Aveda —Beauty, Wellness, Environment, Fashion and Art. Beenders was inspired by a recent exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that showcased works of art as influenced by iconic pop artist Andy Warhol and the overall pop art movement.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

The Cheeky Pop models walked a runway lined with floating flowers and petals, while wearing custom-made organic cotton dresses bursting with bright floral designs that swung to the music. The sculptural hair styles featured a graduated styling technique that Beenders noted “provides an instant hair cut without scissors.” All models displayed Aveda Hair Color that paired beautifully with the architectural, couture hairstyles. The makeup corresponded with the theme as pops of color shone brightly on the models lids and lips through their beautiful, fresh skin.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

Catwalk for Water; Aveda Italy Team
The Aveda Italy Team welcomed Aveda to Milan — the home of fashion — for their Catwalk for Water show, demonstrated by the up-and-coming fashion trends for autumn 2016/17 whilst paying homage to the hypnotic ambience of their truly beautiful city.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

“These hairstyles are the perfect expression of Italian Mediterranean Beauty. We’re celebrating the elegance and natural femininity of women of South Italy, which recalls the richness of this sun-kissed and seaside area,” said Gerardo Lionetti, Aveda Italy Brand Manager.

This season, fashion designers are showing ruffles and a variety of necklines — all of which create the perfect foundation for hair up dos, particularly the classic chignons shown in the presentation.

“This look is versatile with the ability to be tweaked to suit each individual, whether it’s satin-smooth and ceremonial for a bride-to-be, or textured and lived-in for a laid-back and casual evening out,” the Aveda Italy Team explained.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

Eclipting Color by Jo McKay, Aveda European Technical Hair Specialist, and Bruno Elorrioroz, Advanced Artistic Director of the Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa in London
McKay shared the new Aveda couture color technique, Eclipting, while Elorrioroz offered key tips in the art of balayage, tips on a winning color consolation, and breathtaking hair color ideas that complement the upcoming fashion trends.

Both noted that hair color this season will include beautiful buttery shades dipped on the ends of matte dirty blondes. As blondes move into autumn and winter, it’s all about personalization. The tones of blonde are hypnotic — as soft as satin with a luminous delicate sparkle like that of champagne. When it comes to customizing blonde, think pale yellow, sandy pinks and soft browns. No one shade suits all. For those with medium base shades of mid-blonde to light brown, bronze is big news while the elusive colors of liquid mercury evolve and add richness to last season’s rose gold.

The two also noted that radiance and healthy-looking shine wins every time. This works well with rock solid techniques like the tortoiseshell effect of marbled colors. For the perfect contouring, think a combination of mid-blonde, dusty grays and warm browns. For natural redheads, this is the perfect season as redheads are hot throughout the coming autumn and winter. Once again, bronze works well when used to contour natural red hair.

The presentation was concluded with six models walking the runway, showcasing beautiful colors created with Aveda’s Eclipting Hair Color Technique. Models also had their faces illuminated with the new Tulasāra skin care collection.

Team Canada, as led by Ray Civello, President of Aveda Canada
Civello and the Aveda Canada Team presented their incredible three-segment show designed to inspire, move and motivate stylists to live their best lives. As always, the looks were not just striking, but also crafted meaningful stories. In the final segment, Team Canada paid homage to the honeybee and presented three breathtakingly intricate headpieces constructed of human hair and shaped like honeycombs.

“We shared three amazing segments pulling from the specific crafts of barbering, cut/color and editorial, all created from a place of love for the Aveda Artist network,” said Tristan Morrison, Senior Educator and Creative Director, Aveda Institutes, Canada.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

Aveda Men's Barbering by Stel Nicolaou, Master Barber, Men’s European Educator; Zac Fennell, Aveda Artist, Director of Artizan; and Paul Knights, Aveda Artist, Owner of Paul Knights Hair Spa in the UK
Aveda Men’s Barbering took center stage in Milan and was designed to be the equivalent of the 2016/17 edition of men’s Milan Fashion Week — the epitome of Italian tailoring redefined by a new generation of consumers. Nicolaou, Fennell and Knights showcased shaves, shapes, grooming and some strong men’s barbering techniques that were perfect for the salon. This special presentation was designed to inspire and equip artists with the tools they need to be the best in their crafts.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

Male models started the segment with a dance that had the crowd on their feet. The three then took the stage to barber, cut and share inspiring techniques exclusive to Aveda Men’s Barbering. Afterwards, more male models came out for a final dance — including breakdancing — perfectly choreographed to show off the coolness of the cuts.

Passing the Torch: Fashionista Winners
Nadina Thelen, the 2015 Aveda Global Fashionista Winner, presented her Master Jam 2016 debut collection of glamorous and gritty looks. Models walked the runway, appearing reminiscent of fashionable grunge with avant-garde styles that were chic, wearable and ultra cool.

“It was such an incredible honor to be presenting in Milan,” Thelen said. “I was so excited to present fashionable hair and eccentric runway looks!”

The evening also had Thelen passing the Aveda Global Fashionista torch to the 2016 Winner. Beenders, joined by Amanda Le Roux, Vice President, International and Kevin Molin, Vice President of Aveda Global Education, presented the 2015 Aveda Global Fashionista Award to Svetlana Kononova from Russia.

Image courtesy of AvedaImage courtesy of Aveda

For more information about Aveda and Aveda Master Jam, please visit www.aveda.com.

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