10 Reasons for Salon/Spa Owners to Stay Positive


“KEY: You’re the only one that can flip your emotional mood from negative to positive. If you’re feeling negative now — it’s time to flip and lock into positive.”

For owners, staying positive in these uncertain times is something you need to keep working at. 

Of course, you’re weary of dealing with this pandemic. It’s been a tough eleven months and COVID-19 is going to be with us a while longer.

When you’re dealing with cancellations, no shows, reduced capacity, client fears, employee quarantines, and tight cash flow, staying positive is a challenge. 

As an owner, your ability to stay positive cannot be underestimated or ignored. Why? Because the owner’s positivity establishes the company’s sense of urgency and performance expectations. So much so that the culture and performance of a salon/spa business is a direct reflection of the owner’s level of positivity.

FACT 1: Positivity creates the lift and determination to break through barriers and achieve extraordinary results.

FACT 2: Negativity creates drag and spreads like wildfire.

Here are ten reasons to help you find, and keep, your owner positivity:

  1. Challenges happen: In these times of COVID-19, lots of challenges happen. Leading your company through over 11 months of uncertainty can wear down even the most positive of leaders. KEY: The more solid your company systems and culture are, the faster it can respond to the unexpected. When challenges happen, and it will, dial in your systems and reinforce your culture. A leader’s job is to overcome the unexpected.
  2. Don’t take it personal: The challenges that COVID-19 keeps throwing at you are the same challenges everyone is dealing with. KEY: Frustration is a natural reaction to the constant barrage of challenges. But it’s not about you. You’re not on a COVID-19 hit list. Taking it personal only feeds frustration. As a leader, you must be focused on solutions
  3. Positivity is a choice: Negativity saps energy. Negativity makes the possible appear impossible. Negativity in a leader degrades team performance and, more importantly, your culture. KEY: You’re the only one that can flip your emotional mood from negative to positive. If you’re feeling negative now — it’s time to flip and lock into positive.
  4. Be the leader your company needs you to be: You’re the leader of your company. The moment you question or doubt success, your team sees it and feels it. KEY: Show up as the leader that believes better days are coming. Share your vision of the opportunities that can be achieved. Remember, no one wants to follow a leader into the fiery pit of hell.
  5. Chaos creates opportunities for big change: We’ve been saying this long before the pandemic — even more during it. KEY: In times of chaos and disruption, the door is wide open for big change. Why? Employees want solutions. Employees are open to change. Think big. Don’t hunker down. Seize the opportunities.
  6. Your company can perform better than you think: In over 27+ years of coaching salons and spas, we’ve seen that every company can achieve significant performance gains. KEY: Critical numbers and financial reports are numeric readouts of how well your systems, culture and leadership are working. Communication, information flow, goals, coaching and leadership are the drivers for improving performance
  7. Productivity rate and service pricing is critical: It’s not “individual productivity rates” that matter. It’s your company’s overall productivity rate that makes a difference. Service pricing based on cost-per-hour + desired profit margin that ensure profitability. KEY: It’s the leader’s responsibility to ensure that all employees drive overall company productivity rate. Higher overall productivity rate, when matched with profitability-based service pricing, is a non-negotiable. Otherwise, you’re leaving it to chance
  8. You have more help than you think: Every pair of hands comes with a free brain. KEY: If you’re overwhelmed by your responsibilities, ask for help. Clarify your expectations. Communicate the “why” behind the task. Coach your team to achieve the right outcomes. The more you do this, the more you empower your employees — and the more time you have to lead and plan the future.
  9. Survival mode is a dead end: Your salon/spa cannot grow when it’s stuck in survival mode. Forward progress ceases. Survival mode in business is the equivalent of being in a coma. KEY: It’s okay to recharge after a strong push forward. Never confuse survival mode with a short period for recharging, regrouping and refining. If your business is stuck in survival mode, talk to Strategies. We can help.
  10. This pandemic is going to end: Yes, the pandemic, like all pandemics before COVID-19, is going to end. KEY: As leader, you must be focused on emerging from this pandemic strong, financially sound and competitive. That’s what business and leadership is all about.

Here’s my challenge to you: Start embracing and living these ten reasons to be positive now. 

The future is bright only if you choose to believe it is and you’re willing to do the work. 

It’s your choice to be a success story or casualty of this pandemic. 

Being positive, doing the work and pushing forward is what great leaders do. Positivity is a choice. So is being a great leader.

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