Hairstylist Paul Serville Puts a Cool Spin on Short Hair

Short Hair

Hairdresser Paul Serville, who owns Servilles salons in Auckland, New Zealand, often finds inspiration in the punk scene. His 2013 collection, Pretty Punk, featured several looks influenced by the classic punk look that embodied a wearable and feminine vibe. For his new collection, Beautiful Punk, the stylist taps into the punk scene yet again, demonstrating the range of versatility that can be achieved with a short ’do. “The model’s hair was bleached blonde a week before the shoot, then it was clippered off evenly so the color showed tiny regrowth,” Serville explains.“The patterns on the hair were achieved using the Davines imprinter designed by Angelo Seminara. We wanted a look that was beautiful but slightly outré all at once."


[Image: Courtesy of Andrew O'Toole]

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