Get to Know Lucero Hair and Wellness in Salt Lake City, UT

Joshua Lucero introduces us to Lucero Hair and Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded in February 2023.
Joshua Lucero introduces us to Lucero Hair and Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded in February 2023.
Courtesy of Lucero Hair and Wellness

Beauty Launchpad is spotlighting the winners of its Top 20 Salons contest for 2024.

Here, Joshua Lucero introduces us to Lucero Hair and Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah, founded in February 2023.


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Beauty Launchpad (BLP): What is the backstory of your salon? What motivated you to start your business? 

Joshua Lucero (JL): We started with an aspiration to provide a unique approach to the industry. We realized so many salons and barbershops were focused around gendered hair services, and we decided to remove the gender and do everything based off of time. We are also gratuity-free and allow our staff to choose their prices and schedule. I wanted to be for the employee and allow them to find financial freedom. 

BLP: What was the most challenging thing that happened while opening your salon? 

JL: We thought there would be so many bumps with our plan, but the most difficult thing that  happened was learning about what we needed to open. Nobody teaches you how to apply for business licenses, who to call or the whole process. I am planning on creating a whole plan for future business salon/barbershop owners on the process and what to do. 

BLP: What is the overall aesthetic of your salon? What inspired you when designing the space?

JL: We have a very chill vibe. It's neutral in the fact that it caters to anybody and can make anyone feel welcomed. We have more of a modern style space, with darker colors, brick aesthetic walls and plenty of natural light. 

BLP: What services do you provide your clients? Are any of these services signature and/or exclusive to your salon? 

JL: We provide any and all hair services, beard trims and shaves and simple facials. Our signatures would be our hour long beard trim that comes with a facial. It's so relaxing and personal. 

BLP: What products are used/retailed in your salon? Do you have a personal favorite? 

JL: We use product lines that are cleaner and more organic. We currently carry Original Mineral  (O&M), Cult & King, Olio and will be introducing R&Co in the new year. As for a favorite, I personally love them all for different reasons. Cult & King has this balm that can be used on your skin, face (for shaving) or hair, and it feels so luxurious!  

BLP: What makes your salon unique and stand out? Joshua Lucero is the owner of Lucero Hair and Wellness.Joshua Lucero is the owner of Lucero Hair and Wellness.Courtesy of Joshua Lucero

JL: We are just different than your average salon or barbershop. We offer our services based on the time that someone books, allowing them the freedom to choose how long they want to be taken care of. We cater to all budgets and all people, making us unique in the fact that anyone can get their hair done with us.

BLP: What takeaway do you hope clients have after a visit at your salon? 

JL: We hope they feel seen and truly understood. Whether it's someone going through a transition, a break up or even a new job, we want them to know that they are safe with us. 

BLP: What piece of advice would you give to a new salon owner? 

JL: Ask as many questions as you can to anyone who you think would have info you can use. Like I said, it's hard to find the right answers for opening a business in our industry, but I asked any other salon owner, state worker and anyone else who I thought could help for answers. I also sat in on local city council meetings and such to learn about what’s changing in my area. 

BLP: What’s next for your salon? Do you have any goals for the year? 

JL: If you ask my team, they will tell you that I always have something planned or going on. We host events and education every month and participate in several local fundraisers and  networking events. We are hoping to give away 100+ haircuts to  LGBTQIA+ youth in our area through several planned events and organizations. We want to be a staple for how our industry should be seen and how they should act. Our goal is to create more opportunities for folks in marginalized communities, focusing our efforts on giving back. 

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