5 Hot Spring Hair Trends

Celebrity stylist and International Color Creative Director for evo hair Tom Smith shares his predictions for Spring 2024 hair trends.
Celebrity stylist and International Color Creative Director for evo hair Tom Smith shares his predictions for Spring 2024 hair trends.
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Spring in on the horizon, promising warmer weather, brighter colors and new trends! 

Your clients are likely going to want to transition to new styles as the season changes, so it's important to be prepared for what trends are on the horizon in cuts and color! Here, celebrity stylist and International Color Creative Director for evo hair Tom Smith shares his predictions for Spring 2024 hair trends.

Syrup Blonde 

Intensely sticky and sweet, Syrup Blondes are the most indulgent shade for those who prefer to wear their hair lighter. With undertones of gold, caramel and vanilla this is the most delicious shade. Warmer tones always appear brighter, healthier and shinier and so this tone direction is a fantastic choice for those whose blonde may be feeling a little lack-luster. 


Add a toner to your client's usual highlighting or blonding appointment to achieve this shade. Go as warm as possible without tipping into Strawberry Blonde territory, and keep the blonde as light as possible with minimal darker shadows or low lights. At home, have your client's maintain the shade with evo’s platinum blonde toning mist. Not just for platinum shades, this gentle toning mist functions as a softer version of a purple shampoo to lightly tone, treat and detangle blonde hair while also conditioning and protecting it from UV and heat damage. 


Reminiscent of last spring's Boy Bob, this style is an androgynous and editorial look that is drenched in gloss and moisture and incredibly practical to achieve. The shape can be tailored to the individual, working with their features to create a length that sits between lips and the mid-neck. The use of styling products to give definition and hold makes it a great haircut for those who like their hair to feel controlled and refined. Tucked behind one or both ears, this style can be combined with spring’s popular side partings or single strands.


While nourishing leave-in creams, such as evo’s great hydrator, are ideal for the definition and hydration this style requires, a great trick for those clients who don’t find the time to do weekly masks or treatments is to simply style the hair with their favorite moisture mask. This will give the semi-wet-look effect and allow the hair to soak in goodness at the same time.

Crystal Clear 

Not quite gold, not quite silver, but Crystal Clear boasts all the clarity of crystal with a neutral creamy tone. Ideal for those clients willing for the maintenance of all-over platinum blonde or for those with naturally white or pale grey hair, this tone being paler than most skin tones will provide definition and focus to the facial features and can really define the eyes, brows and lips. 


The success of this shade is almost entirely down to the lightening stage. Lift the hair brightly and cleanly, and tone the hair minimally to achieve this creamy crystal-finished result. While purple shampoo (evo fabuloso platinum) will be required for successful homecare, be sure to tell your client to only use it from time to time, and in the case where there is a risk of toning too much, tell your clients to use it as their first shampoo in a dual shampoo process to ensure any excess is removed with the second wash.

Halo Curls 

Another key theme for all of 2024, Halo silhouettes describe the ethereal, curved expanded or face-framing angle of any hairstyle. This spring, we see the most dramatic version of this silhouette in the form of natural textured and curly hair halo-cuts. This crown-like shape is a statuesque, regal and confident shape that celebrates texture and volume. While ideal on more textured hair, smoother hair types can get a similar shape with rounded layers and voluminous blow-drying/curling.


Achieving this shape on naturally textured hair involves the correct hair prep and a visual approach to the cut, while on straighter or wavier hair types a very technical layering technique is required. I love evo’s line of curl-enhancing products to define and nourish curls. Check out liquid rollers and total recoil for this style. 

Burgundy Brown 

With red being the statement-maker shade of the year, it makes sense that a more subtle and natural version becomes popular for those wanting to keep things softer. Burgundy Brunette oozes richness, shine and gloss while reflecting red tones in the light. Great on all bases from mid to darkest brown, health and vibrancy is a welcome characteristic of this particular shade.


On naturally deeper or dyed brunette hair, this is a simple tone shift. In the cases of lighter or previously highlighted hair, the good news is this tone is ideal for long-lasting depth and a healthier look for those wanting to transform their look to something deeper and moodier. Maintain at home with evo fabuloso mahogany

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