Pro Tips for Styling Summer’s Hottest Hair Trends With the Dyson Corrale

Image courtesy of Dyson
Image courtesy of Dyson

Beauty expectations for summer 2021 are at a crossroads. Summer hair and makeup styles usually take a less-is-more approach; however, after a year of little-to-no makeup and sporadic salon appointments (if that!) clients are ready to get dolled up and feeling their best. Luckily, there are hairstyles that cater to both prospects. 

Matthew Collins, Dyson global styling ambassador, shared tips and tricks for using the Dyson Corrale to achieve beach waves and the voluminous ‘90s hair that has been trending on TikTok. 

Beach Waves 

  1. Start with air-dried hair that has been prepped with a texture spray for grit. Turn your Dyson Corrale on the lowest heat setting possible for your hair type.  
  2. Section the hair into a middle part, from top of head to behind each ear. Clip both of the front side pieces so they are out of the waythese pieces will get styled last.  
  3. Starting with the back section, hold your iron close to the root at a 45-degree angle and make a swift “C” bend in the hair and gently release your iron. Keep enough tension to not let the hair fall out. Pause for a brief second, then bend in the opposite direction. The pause will allow the previous “C” section to cool, helping to make the bend more pronounced. For a more casual look, there is no need to pause. 
  4. PRO TIP: When applying tension, never squeeze too hard. The plates of the Dyson Corrale flex with the hair to give you an even heat distribution. Keep calm and relax your squeeze! 
  5. Continue to do the “C” wave on every section but switch the direction you begin on each piece to give a textured “cool girl” feel. For an even more undone look, make bends holding the iron at different angles. 
  6. The last step for completing this cool, yet put-together look is to style the two pieces on either side of the middle-parted hair! Make the first bend one inch above eye level, starting at a 45-degree angle at the root. Pull the iron down and make the “C” shape, moving away from the face at the eyebrow. Continue to do your pauses and opposite movements until you reach the ends of the hair.  
  7. PRO TIP: For a more undone feel, move quicker and take fewer pauses as you get closer to the ends. The ends of the hair tend to take a curl much quicker than roots and mid-shafts.  
  8. Once finished, use a wide-tooth comb to brush out the hair and then shake the hair with your fingers. Apply a small drop of oil with a drop of texture paste and rub it into ends and mid-shafts to create volume and a cool, messy texture with shine. Finally, finish the look with a texture spray for added volume.   

TikTok ‘90s Look  

  1. To start, turn your Dyson Corrale to medium heat and take small sections of hair, beginning at the back.  
  2. Starting from the roots, slowly pass the Corrale through the hair. Once you get to the middle section of the hair, begin to bend it and slowly make a large “C” shape through the ends, giving a slight curl with some movement.  
  3. PRO TIP: Before you set the curl loose, hold it in the middle of the section for a few seconds so the “C” shape can cool and set before you move onto the next section.  
  4. Continue this technique up the back of the hair and then the sides of the hair, following the same steps.  
  5. For the top section, position Corrale at the roots, parallel to the head, and slowly pass upward, keeping the iron horizontal as you move it up. Once the iron is a few inches away from the head, start to bend and move the iron backward in a “C” shape. This movement will help the hair go away from the face.  
  6. Once done, shake the head upside down. Add some texture spray to complete the look!  

“There are so many ways to achieve the classic summer beach wave style, but I have a simple technique using the Dyson Corrale that never fails. The key to effortless beach waves is to not force them. We want the style to look natural but refined,” Collins said. 

He adds, “The ‘90s blowout is back, and you can get this look with the Dyson Corrale in minutes. This look is achieved with a soft ‘C’ shape bend in the hair which looks like a big, bouncy blowout with a sleek finish.”   

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