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The desire for more youthful looks is no longer the domain of “women of a certain age”—it’s a bona fide universal concern across generations and genders. But how can clients help halt the appearance of Father Time? Here, we round up the best practices and products for keeping the aging process at bay on hair, skin, lashes and nails.

The Strands of Time

Jessica Scott Santo (@jessicascotthair), owner of Jessica Scott Hair in Sciota, Pennsylvania, offers these nine tips for stylists to share withtheir clients to help them defy age-related stresses on tresses:

1. Schedule trims every six to eight weeks to help promote healthy hair growth—and minimize frizz and the appearance of thinning.

2. Battle aging’s effects (think drier, thinner, more brittle strands) by shunning aggressive styling techniques and harsh coloring services or treatments; wearing hair down to prevent breakage; and avoiding too-hot showers.

3. Wash less often—it removes the hair’s naturally hydrating oils and leads to dryness.

4. Use a gentle touch when brushing and drying wet hair.

5. Replace strong, drying hairsprays with lighter-hold products.

6. If using heavier products, clarify hair once or twice per week to remove residue.

7. Commit to conditioning treatments at home once every other week—especially during summer and winter months, or after a coloring service.

8. Enrich your diet with lean protein and plenty of water. To promote growth, try supplements with vitamins C, E, B3 and biotin.

9. If hair is thinning at a concerning rate, see a doctor—certain conditions and medications can contribute to hair loss.

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Skin Sense

Cynthia Malcom Taylor (@edgareneegroup), founder of Edgar Renee Aesthetic Education and Consulting Group in Columbus, Ohio, reveals her best practices for keeping skin youthful through the years:

1. Minimize sugar intake—excess consumption causes loss of skin elasticity and hyperpigmentation.

2. Keep anti-aging spa services on the rotation: acid or enzyme peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, antioxidant facials, high-frequency or microcurrent treatments, light therapy and contrast hydrotherapy.

3. At home, reach for products with ingredients like AHAs and BHAs, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, Retin-A, and gold and copper nanoparticles.

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Lusher Lashes

Tussanee Luebbers (@lashcastpodast), a lash stylist, trainer, speaker and podcaster for LashCast in Pasadena, California, shares simple steps to keep those peepers poppin’:

1. Perform a lid wash every day, especially if you wear eye makeup or eyelash extensions. Remove makeup with a no-rinse, fragrance- and dye-free micellar water on cotton pads or swabs. Follow with a foaming lid cleanser or baby shampoo, cleaning the lids and margins thoroughly.

2. For a few minutes daily, apply warm, wet compresses on the eyes to keep tear film flowing and skin soft.

3. Apply sunscreen on your eyelids—an area that most people miss.

4. Use lash growth serums to help keep lashes in the anagen growth phase.

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Tips ’n’ Toes

Hands and feet need love, too! Promote healthier hands, nails and cuticles with these anti-aging musts from Julie Kandalec (@julieknailsnyc), a manicurist and nail artist in Brooklyn, New York:

1. Moisture adds elasticity. Look for hand creams with collagen as well as vitamin C, which helps to fade age spots.

2. Sunscreen is a nonnegotiable—remember, the hands are a clear giveaway of a person’s real age.

3. Look for cuticle oils with ultra-moisturizing ingredients, such as argan and neem oils. Apply at least twice daily— on the cuticles and under the free edges.

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