5 Steps to Killer Curls

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As people embrace a more natural look during the coronavirus pandemic, curly locks are becoming one of 2020’s trendiest hairstyles.

Eufora style director Mirza Batanovic shared his four “killer curl must-haves.”

1. A “Killer Cut”

When making the most of natural curls and texture, the haircut is the single most important component. Curls must be cut to bounce and form correctly, and ideally, curly girls should seek out a stylist who specializes in creating that perfect shape for their own unique texture, Batanovic explained.

2. A Curly Girl's Secret Weapon

Batanovic stated, Curly girls know that a microfiber towel will help reduce frizz if you blot with it instead of rubbing hair dry with a regular towel when you step out of the shower. The microfiber pulls out moisture without roughing up the cuticle of the hairreducing the chance for frizz. Bonus? A good microfiber towel can pull double duty as a great makeup remover!

3. Curl Enhancers

Batanovic recommended using a curl enhancer, such as Eufora’s Curl’n Perfect Curl Activator, directly after a shower or shampoo to refresh curls. He also endorses the product as a cutting tool, which encourages the cut to form weightlessly.

4. Styling Techniques

For big curls with lots of bounce, Batanovic suggested Eufora’s Curl’n Curl Defining Solution to accentuate natural patterns without weight. He recommended EuforaStyle Forming Cream to get the curls to “drop” a bit and not expand as much. 

Once you pick the product, it is up to you to design a look. Mirza suggested trying these two simple techniques:

  • Loop curls in 1-inch sections around your finger and then lightly spray with EuforaStyle Firm Mist to hold shape.
  • Wrap longer curls with bendy rods and allow to dry for super defined curl pattern. 

5. Fighting Frizz with Oils

Oils can be helpful, so long as they are not too heavy, Batanovic said. For frizz control, he uses Eufora’s Smooth’n Oil Therapy because it can be used on wet or dry hairthe perfect solution for second- or third-day hair when it starts to frizz up. Just remember a little goes a long way! 

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