The Nirvel Professional Team Creates the Cover for MAN Magazine

Nirvel Man Cover

The Nirvel Professional team shares how they achieved the wearable look featured on this issue’s cover.

Step 1: Wash hair with Nirvel Professional Royal Jelly Shampoo.

Step 2: Cut hair at the nape and sides in vertical motions, in increasing lengths. Make the upper layers proportional and longer.

Step 3: Style with Molding Pomade by Nirvel MEN. Step 4: Wash the beard with Barber Shampoo by Nirvel MEN.

Step 5: Cut the beard evenly and style with Barber Wax by Nirvel MEN.

Step 6: Finish by administering Barber Parfum by Nirvel MEN onto the face.

Nirvel Cover Shoot


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[Image: Courtesy of Nirvel Professional Team]

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