Summer Sophistication with 18.21 Man Made's Angel Del Solar

Summer Hair Cut

With summer comes lazy days spent by the pool and candlelit parties that last well into the night. However, despite the carefree nature of the season, sometimes your men will need to be cleaned up for a special occasion—this is wedding season, after all. That’s where 18.21 Man Made’s Angel Del Solar comes in. His latest collection showcases formal styles that still mesh with the laid-back attitude of summer. “After a day at the beach, you can change up your products and go out for your nighttime event,” Del Solar explains. “We wanted to create looks that were clean and sharp, well groomed yet not overly formal.”

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Need to Know

  • “We used a variety of products from our brand, layering for more finished looks instead of cocktailing,” says Del Solar. “Hairspray is always key for a casually groomed look that will withstand the heat.”
  • “We applied 18.21 Man Made Wax very lightly on wet hair,” explains Del Solar, who adds that he blow-dried the hair with a brush to give shape and definition. “We applied more Wax to finish the look with more definition and locked in the style with hairspray.”
  • Wax, the newest product in the 18.21 Man Made haircare system, can be used before blow-drying with a brush to get direction. Alternatively, you can use a diffuser or let it air dry to create a more disheveled and informal look. Del Solar says, “Wax is a great summer product that’s very effective in high humidity and it also easily rinses out with shampoo. Being oil- based and not water-based, it allows you to have a more active lifestyle while the hair will stay in place.
  • Wax doesn’t just have to stay on top of the head, either. “Wax has the most hold of any of the 18.21 Man Made Grooming haircare products,” Del Solar says. “For facial hair, Wax will shape longer mustaches and beards. For longer beards, it gives volume and definition. It can even be used on eyebrows to keep them in place!”


[Image: courtesy of 18.21 Man Made]

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