Diffusing Beard Lines with V76 Educator Manny Rolon


“Traditionally, hard, etched-in beard lines were created just beneath the cheekbone and underneath the jaw line," says Manny Rolon, educator for V76 by Vaughn. "But now guys are adding an extra element of craftsmanship, and moving toward beard lines that are diffusing or fading. A reason for the popularity of this look: The grow-out is easy and doesn’t require a ton of maintenance. Also, there’s a rendition of this idea for every man with a beard. Still, it's important to put the right look on the right guy. I don’t want to do something super dramatic on a guy who wears a suit and tie to work every day; there’s more room for loud effects on the bass player of a rock band.”

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“Recreating this look at home would require a good set of clippers with an adjustable lever and an attention to detail. To stay on the safe side when fading out the neck, mirror the jawline. To ensure that the beard stays clean, hydrated and well nourished, shampoo, condition and moisturize it," says Rolon. "My go-tos are V76 Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner, and V76 Beard Oil. Don’t just apply the oil topically—distribute it evenly by combing through. Then, depending on the density, shape and growth pattern of the beard, I suggest scheduling a weekly to-biweekly visit with a local professional to let him or her work their magic.”

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