Runway Report: Modern Purist at Demoo Parkchoonmoo

Demoo 1Beauty is in the details; at Demoo Parkchoonmoo a perfect center part reinforces the theme of purity, apparent in the collection. The updated updo is “constructed, but also formed—a half-chignon, half-low, messy bun” explains Hair Lead and Director of Training and Content for Oribe Haircare Kien Hoang. To translate this look for clients, focus on the middle part, bringing it further back past the half of the crown; this makes an otherwise everyday style a little more “current,” he says. The easy, elegant bun starts off with a simple low ponytail, which Hoang achieves using Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray at the base. As he directs the hair back, he uses a flat backcombing technique to lock hair into place, which also gives it a “lived-in” feel. Hair is flat-ironed to deflate the texture, using Oribe Royal Blowout, and then tied with a 10-inch elastic cord. Hoang wraps a half-chignon, ties and anchors the tail and then uses the tail to flip over and conceal the elastic. The bun creates a natural, relaxed beauty, so anything that drapes or falls is “what we’re looking for,” he adds. 

Demoo Hair

Being that the collection is airy and has elements of grey and distressed denim, the beauty look is no frills, pulling inspiration from this cool color. The makeup for the show is “not meant to be overpowering,” notes Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lead Makeup Artist Colleen Runne. “The skin is very raw and beautiful. It’s about keeping the skin very real, cleaning up just where needed,” she comments. Runne brushes brows, and mixes black and white powders from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, creating a matte grey, which she applies to lids. She adds gloss over the custom grey powder to draw further attention to the eye. To tone down lips, Runne pats foundation across pouts. The overall looks is all about “dewy, fresh skin,” she says. 

Demoo Beauty


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