Runway Report: Elegant Half-Up Styles at Steven Khalil

Image courtesy of Tractenberg & Co.

Known for his intricate couture wedding gowns, Steven Khalil recently showed his couture collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Dale Delaporte for Prema used Goldwell products to create the hair look, which beautifully complemented the presentation.

Image courtesy of Tractenberg & Co.
“The collection has details around the necklines and high necklines for some of them, so we’re keeping it all stripped away from the face,” said Delaporte. To achieve this, he created a deceptively complex look by tucking a strand of hair behind the head to keep the narrow style secure and braided it so that it disappeared into the hair. He also added some height at the front and a dewy texture to the hairline to add moisture, finishing with Goldwell’s StyleSign Diamond Gloss Spray Shine to imbue overall shine and complete the look.

Recreate this elegant look with the how-to below!

Get the Look:

  1. On clean hair, evenly spray a small amount of water and part on the outer edge of the left brow with a slight inward angle.
  2. Work Goldwell StyleSign Glamour Whip Brilliance Styling Mousse throughout the mid-lengths and ends for smoothness.
  3. Starting in sections from the nape work through and apply a small amount of Goldwell StyleSign Glamour Whip Brilliance Styling Mousse through the mid-lengths and ends of the entire head to assist with shaping and hold.
  4. Apply Goldwell StyleSign Double Boost Root Lift Spray through the sides and top. Saturate sides to behind the ears, but only 2 inches deep through the top.
  5. Begin by drying the ends gently using your fingers then dry the sides whilst brushing the hair horizontally from the hairline, then around the ear - keeping flat to the head to create a narrow silhouette.
  6. Dry the top section by lifting the hair slightly forward and slightly left with the fingers to maximize volume.
  7. At this point, go through and smooth over any areas that could be problematic to your final product having a luxurious finish – paying attention to frayed ends.
  8. Take out the front 1 inch on the smaller side of the parting and lightly clip aside. Leaving out from the crown to the right recession, take medium sized sections and crease the hair vertically over 1.25-inch curling iron in alternating directions for a natural looking “S wave” effect.
  9. Once at the top section, use a 1-inch tong for the first 6 inches of roots, and 1.25-inch for ends.
  10. Gently brush out the wave except through the top. Smooth over 1-inch section taken earlier with a straightener. Keep separate but not clipped.
  11. Take a horizontal section from just below the center of the occipital bone to the right ear and gently clip away the top half. Take out a 1x1-inch square of hair from the center of that section.
  12. After ensuring the left side is laying smoothly, bring that front 1-inch section around laying it over the top the hair to meet the other on the right. Divide the contents of both sections together into three and braid down tightly approx. 1.5 inches and tie with an elastic.
  13. Release remainder of the hair and brush through away from the face. Tuck right side tightly behind the ear and spray with Goldwell StyleSign Big Finish Hairspray for hold – keep brushing lightly on top section to maintain volume. Allow the hair to fall over the tucked section, hiding the braid.
  14. Dress out front section by adding a tiny touch of Goldwell StyleSign Spun Shine Cream to the roots for a slightly dewy piecey-ness.
  15. Finish with a gentle mist of Goldwell StyleSign Diamond Gloss through the ends for an expensive looking sheen and a small amount of Goldwell StyleSign Big Finish Hairspray through the front to hold in place.
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