Watch! A London-Inspired Cut by Ruth Roche

Image courtesy of Glow Communications

“I love Salon International! I’m always so inspired after and this year I couldn’t hold it in," says Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care. "So, while in London, I created a disconnected, two-tiered cut with a 70’s influence for my friend and fellow stylist Tammy."

Check out the haircut in action in the video below!

Highlights From the London Inspired Cut

  • Create three sections from front to back – top section will be longer so it falls over the middle section, middle section will be shorter than the top and the bottom section will be visually blended with a longer length around the edges.
  • Cut middle section1 1/2-inch long.
  • Blend short hair into the veil softly for invisible disconnection.
  • Starting at the back of the ear, cut top section 3 inches straight across from crown to front hairline at a diagonal and over-directed.
  • Carve out a soft line around the ear.

“This was so much fun – I love when the creative juices are flowing and I have a willing subject in my chair…especially when it’s another stylist,” adds Roche.

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