Hair Tips: Adding Volume to Fine Hair

Image courtesy of Donald Scott

Renowned hairstylist Donald Scott, founder of Donald Scott NYC, is set to launch an online, educational campaign aimed at helping stylists address their clients' most common needs. The first solution in Scott's upcoming series? Adding volume.

Any stylist knows that clients with thin or fine hair want one thing: volume. However, it can be challenging for stylists to deliver fullness when there is so little to work with. The secret, according to Scott, is to carve the shorter layers underneath the top layers of hair to create body. Below, Scott shares his tips for creating this asymmetrical, layered bob that adds depth and fullness.

Get the Look:

  1. "Before cutting, always start with conditioned hair that is detangled," advises Scott. "Prepare the hair with 3-5 mists of prepare-Donald Scott NYC Liquid Tool Glide for the ultimate slip-glide and smooth finish.
  2. "With your Swivel Twist Razor, start at the crown, take horizontal sections and use your 25% channel carve. The trick is to start half way down the shaft of the hair where you want to add the volume and then carve upwards, to create shorter hair underneath. This will add the fullness and body that you desire.
  3. "Make detailed trims to finish the look. Although this technique can be achieved on dry hair, I always recommend using prepare liquid tool glide for wet cutting to high shine."

See the cut in action in the video below!

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