Men's Hair Styles: Refined Rockabilly by Joi Rooks

Image courtesy of Glow Communications

Men's grooming has been elevated in recent years beyond the practical and into the realm of the artistic. In order to keep up with the trends, salon stylists must be able to offer grooming services to male clients, including everything from facial hair grooming, to options in cuts, color and styling. With more and more men turning to salons for the stylish looks they want, stylists must be sure to treat male guests with the same level of seriousness as their female counterparts.

Being successful in men’s grooming is based on two factors: the consultation (based on face shape, lifestyle and hair texture), and honing in on the craft of clipper cutting, as well as shears. "I use to be a stylist that would only use my shears or a razor on men's haircuts, but now I have upgraded my clippers and have learned some new techniques. This has really elevated what I can offer my male clientele,” says Joi Rooks, owner of fresche salon in Atlanta, GA. Rooks created the above style for a client, drawing inspiration from Elvis and James Dean, and customizing the look for the guest.

Clipper Tips

  • Start with a larger guard and work down to smaller.
  • Decide how high on the head you want to go with the undercut first and cut up to that point with the larger guard.
  • Keeping the hairline natural and cut close with the smallest guard, it looks more updated than squaring it off.
  • Spend time refreshing and upgrading clipper skills and it will shine through in consultations as confidence!
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