Watch! Create the Day-to-Night Braided Pony

Watch Create Braidedpony

In the second installment of his latest YouTube tutorial series, Michael Dueñas, celeberity hair expert and founder of Hair Room Service, shows how to create a surprisingly simple, fishtail-braided ponytail that can easily transition from day to night. Check out Dueñas' video below!

1. Split the hair into 3 sections - 2 on the sides, 1 on top.

2. Form a V-section at the back of the head by the nape. This hides the seams of your 2 side sections.

3. Secure the hair into 3 ponytails, the middle one slightly higher than each side.

4. Create a double fishtail braid on each ponytail. A double fishtail braid is created by splitting the hair into 3 sections, the middle section being the smallest. Weave each side of the hair in small sections on top of the middle and under the middle section, always joining to the opposite side. The right side always goes under the center, and the left always goes over the center section.

5. Secure all ends with an elastic.

6. Wrap the side sections around the center section and secure with a hair pin.

7. To create the bun, simply roll the ponytail up and secure with hair pins.

[Image/video courtesy of Melody Joy PR]

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