Watch! Create This Vintage Faux-Bob by Michelle Vance

Fauxbob 1Goldwell Regional Guest Artist Michelle Vance recently created this retro look to showcase her favorite era, reinventing a classic flapper style into a modern faux bob. Megan, her redhead model, is in a Motown band in Austin, TX, and Michelle loves to create Megan’s vintage-glam hairstyles for the stage. Check out Michelle's tutorial video below to recreate the look!

1. Apply Goldwell Glamour Whip Mousse on the first day in damp hair and let it air-dry or blow-dry it. The formula can also be applied in dry hair for a styling agent and as a great hold.

2. To create the look of a bob, begin pushing curls in the nape or back of the head. Pick up curls, hold part of the hair between your pointer finger and your thumb as you push the rest of the curl towards the head. Continue this with the curls on back and sides of the head to create a bob shape, longer in the front.   

3. Use hair pins to keep this shape and hold stray curls into place.

4. Tease the crown area to enhance the shape. Take 1/4-inch sections and push hair towards head to create a cushion of hair. Style as desired.

5. If your client has shorter layers and fringe around the face, create pin curls to the side for a 1920's inspired look.

6. Spray Goldwell StyleSign Magic Finish or KMS California FREESHAPE 2–in–1 styling + finishing spray to hold the style but keep it flexible and movable.

[Image/video courtesy of Kao Salon Division]

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