Get the Look: Effortless Summer Balayage by TeriAnn Eyester

Effortless Balayage

TeriAnn Eyester, stylist at Salon Nouveau in Bellmore, NY, says sun-kissed hair and effortless textured styles are on trend this summer. “Most guests have come into the salon hoping to brighten up, yet they want to something with easy upkeep for the summer months. Balayage is a great way to add lighter strands throughout hair, while also avoiding harsh lines of grown out color, so it’s great for summer,” says Eyester.

The key to a successful sun-kissed Balayage? The placement highlights are crucial - they should mimic where the sun would naturally lighten the hair.

“This client had grown-out Balayage from the spring and wanted to obtain a more natural and fresh color for the summer. I brightened quite a bit, placing more focus on the frame of her face for that summertime sun-kissed look,” adds Eyester.

Get the Look:
1. Separate client’s hair into four quadrants.  

2. For the front quadrants, apply 20 volume with Goldwell Silk Lift around the frame of the face. Take diagonal and horizontal weaves of hair and disperse the lightener near the root (continue throughout both front quadrants).

3. For the back of the hair, start at the nape of the neck and take 1/2-inch sections dispersing at the root, saturating the ends with 30 volume Goldwell Silk Lift (continue through the back half of the head).

4. Allow the hair to process for 30 minutes.

5. Shampoo, towel-dry, and glaze with Goldwell Colorance 6N in a tear drop formation at the roots. Then, apply equal parts of Goldwell Colorance 10P, 9N, and Clear throughout the mid-lengths and ends.

6. Allow the hair to process for an additional 15 minutes.

“Afterwards, I showed my client a couple of easy at-home styles to complement her new color… I wanted her to leave feeling confident, trendy, and summertime-ready. She absolutely loved this effortless half-up topknot, and so did I,” says Eyester.

Style: Half-up Topknot

1. Blow-dry hair with flat brush.  

2. Using a wand, curl hair taking large two-inch sections, leaving out the ends.

3. Texturize the hair by using KMS HAIR PLAY dry wax spray and then tousle with fingers.

4. Using the arch of client’s eyebrows as a guideline, section the hair and spin into a simple topknot. Place 3-4 bobby pins to secure the topknot.

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[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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