Haircut Tutorial: The Ruby 70's Cut

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The Ruby from the Modern Heritage Sam Villa Collection is a haircut that embraces the essence of the 70's, with short detached surface layers and extended perimeter lengths. Think free-spirited rock and roll infused with multiple identities to add value. Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa shares tips for achieving the look: 

The Ruby

· Divide hair into 4 quadrants, then section off the front detachment from about 1Ž2 inch on either side of the high point to the recession area on both sides. Create another triangle shaped detachment in the crown from high point to corner back and connect across the high occipital.

· On the sides and back, use 1-inch vertical sections, starting at the front hairline and working towards center back.  Elevation is 90 degrees horizontal (parallel with the floor), over direction is forward to the previously cut section, and the cutting line is diagonal – shorter at the top to longer at the bottom.  Use the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor with the straight blade to remove the hair.

· Establish the perimeter by combing the hair into natural fall and free hand with a pinch and cut technique. Create a loose diagonal back line in the perimeter.

· Add texture and a frothy feel to this area by texturizing with the 6-Gap blade on the Sam Villa Razor.

· For the front detachment, the sections will be horizontal from side to side. Elevation is just below 90 degrees from the head shape, over direction is forward to a flat line, and cut a flat line at about brow length.  Use the 9-Gap blade on the Sam Villa Razor with a surface cutting technique to create a strong line with a soft edge.

· The crown detachment is cut in the same manner, except it is over directed towards the back of the head.

· Blow dry into a natural texture with Redken fashion waves 07, touch up any inconsistencies in texture by creating an “S” pattern with the Sam Villa Sleekr iron and then visually refine the shape with the Sam Villa Signature Series Invisiblend Shear.

For a detailed full step-by-step on the cut and finishing or to purchase a video demo for $5.00 visit:

[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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