Bobs and Brows

Lucy Hale

The bob is fierce, it was THE cut all the cool girls in the 1920’s had because it totally broke the rules of femininity and fashion. And that little cut is like Madonna, it just keeps reinventing itself! Victoria Beckham, nailed it…Kiera Knightly, nailed it…Rihanna, nailed it…it’s so fresh, it even updated Taylor Swift’s look! “But here’s the thing, an amazing bob puts the focus right on your face, so obviously you need some killer brows to frame it in,” says Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar.

Check out Lucy Hale above, her gorgeous, long, full bold brows just pop with that bob. Imagine what she would look like if she had thin sparse brows…yup, she would not be rockin’ that bob. She’d probably have to get an entirely new cut, maybe something with some fringe to cover those sad puppies up. “Lucy knows what’s going on, she has some of the best brows out there. So, if you want to give a client a Lob, BB, undercut, waved or shaggy bob, make sure to also consult them on pumping up their brows,” adds Boom Boom who offers tips.

Start with a professional wax to shape and polish eyebrows. For the follically challenged, try using a growth serum. Just apply it daily to the brow bone, concentrating on sparse spots and areas that need growth. Results with Boom Boom Brow Job growth serum usually appear in 4-6 weeks, full results in 4 months. See how it’s done:

A tint one shade darker than natural haircolor is also a good idea to make brows look thicker and bolder.  It’s like a glaze, it’s semi permanent so it will gracefully wear away.  Tints add definition by coloring the brow hair, as well as all the teeny tiny little hairs that are usually invisible, so the result is a much bolder brow.

And that’s how it’s done!

[Image: Rob Kim/Getty Images]

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