Create Sergiy Shapochka's Winning American Crew All-Star Challenge Hairstyle

Ukraine Final

American Crew All-Star Challenge Global Champion, Sergiy Shapochka from Ukraine, shares how to create his winning men's hairstyle!


  1. Start with the crown and section off the hair.
  2. Start to cut from short to long, with the longer sections in the front of the head.
  3. Crosscheck horizontally to ensure that the hair is even on all sides.
  4. Section the horseshoe.
  5. Cut the sides shorter - tailor them down to the nape.
  6. Connect the cut with the part on the crown to the temples.
  7. Over direct the fringe to the left and right of the temples; make sure to maintain length in the middle.
  8. Clean the outlines.
  9. Style with American Crew Boost Cream and American Crew Spray Gel.

[Image courtesy of RPRMC]

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