SAG Awards 2015 Beauty Guide: Part II

Claire Danes

Claire Danes was styled by Peter Butler using Vidal Sassoon for the 2015 SAG Awards. Peter and Claire went for an elegant look with a nod to the 1940’s. Careful as to not distract from her modern, hunter-green, Marc Jacobs dress, Peter styled the hair down to pair well with the crisscross style of the dress. Claire’s gorgeous hair was the perfect complement to her stunning dress.

Get the Look:

  1. Starting with her natural, low side-part, Peter blow-dried damp hair using Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse, applying throughout the hair for lift and hold.
  2. Using a round brush, take 3-inch sections of the hair and proceed to blow-dry each section. Then, spray a bit of Vidal Sassoon ColorFinity Dry Shampoo at the roots and backcomb hair for a bit more volume.
  3. Using a 3-inch barrel curling iron, wrap 3-inch sections of hair around the curling iron for a polished look. Be careful not to let the hair set, and comb out the curls right away.
  4. Next, take a 1 ½ -inch curling iron around small sections of the hair around the face and away from the face.
  5. On the heavy side of the part, start to form one wave going down the side of the face by taking small sections of hair away from the hairline and face.
  6. Brush out the wave around the face with a Mason Pearson brush and then blow dry the curls to soften them. Spray hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray to keep the look in place.
  7. To finish, spritz hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine Spray for a light shine.


Keira Knightley

Ben Skervin created Keira Knightley's 2015 SAG Awards look using Vidal Sassoon. Ben and Keira went for a Brigitte Bardot-inspired, half-up, half-down look – a style that was perfectly suited for a glamorous, red carpet event. To complement Keira’s gorgeous, purple, Erdem dress, Skervin went for a boho-chic style.

Get the Look:

  1. First apply Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse to wet hair for lift, followed by Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Heat Protect & Shine Spray throughout the hair to add shine and a nice finish to the blow dry.
  2. Blow-dry the hair with a large round brush, making sure to curl the ends under.
  3. Using a large barrel curling iron, wrap 2- square inch sections of hair in a spiral down the curling iron and make sure to leave the ends out. Slide the hair off the iron and pull each section down so it forms a loose wave instead of a curl. Repeat this over the whole head.
  4. Once the curled hair has cooled, use your fingers as a comb to break up the waves. Spray Vidal Sassoon Pro Series ColorFinity Dry Shampoo into the roots to give hair a bed-head look, then back-comb the roots of the hair at the crown for lift and volume.
  5. Take two small sections of hair on either side of the head by the ears, and pull these back to the middle back of your head. Secure with 3 bobby pins and 2 U-shaped pins, and then pull out some pieces of hair to frame the face for a boho-chic look.
  6. To finish, spray hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray to keep the look in place.


Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum wore a chic, up-style on the SAG Awards red carpet. The look, created by celebrity stylist Cervando, perfectly complemented the actress' stunning gown.

Get the Look:

  1. Cervando created this look by first prepping Emma’s damp hair with KMS California TAMEFRIZZ smoothing lotion, distributing the product on the ends and mid-shaft of the hair.
  2. Next, he sprayed ADDVOLUME volumizing spray to the roots at the crown of the head to add lift and texture.
  3. Using a medium sized boar bristle brush, he began blow-drying the hair. After blow-drying each section, he placed medium sized Velcro rollers around the crown of the head. He blow-dried the rest of the hair straight and smooth with a large sized boar bristle brush.
  4. Next, he curled the hair with a 1 ¼-inch barrel curling iron, giving it a loose, modern texture. Next, he removed the Velcro rollers on the crown of the head, leaving the front roller in place. He sprayed HAIRPLAY dry wax lightly throughout the hair for texture and movement. To add more texture he scrunched HAIRPLAY messing creme towards the ends of the hair.
  5. After creating the texture he desired, Cervando placed hair into a mid-ponytail. Once the ponytail was finished, he wrapped it into a textured bun, using hair pins to hold into place. Next, he removed the roller in the front of the head, and let it loosely fall around the face. He curled the loose hair with a 1-inch curling iron to frame the face.
  6. He added a last bit of texture to the look by spraying HAIRPLAY playable texture throughout the hair. He then finished the look with FREESHAPE 2-in-1 styling+finishing spray to hold hair into place and give great shine.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon wore a classically modern and chic low ponytail on the red carpet. Inspired by the Wild star’s modern and minimalist Giorgio Armani dress, celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel gave Reese Witherspoon a glamorous low ponytail with a clean side part.

Get the Look:

  1. Adir started by creating a severe side part and then applied John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz-Immunity Primer from roots to mid shaft to her towel-dried hair.
  2. To continue building the perfect foundation, Adir applied John Frieda Luxurious Volume Volume Building Mousse from mid-shaft to ends before blow-drying hair with a round brush.
  3. Next, Adir used a 1 ¼-inch curling iron to curl hair into bouncy, soft curls. Then, with the help of John Frieda Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Holding Gel, he pulled hair back into a sleek, low side ponytail, securing with an elastic.
  4. He then wrapped the elastic band with some hair from the ponytail and secured it with a few hairpins.
  5. To finish the look, Adir used a paddle brush to smooth out the ponytail and spritzed John Frieda Frizz Ease Keraflex Flexible Hold Hairspray.


Natasha Lyonne

Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno worked with Natasha Lyonne for her red carpet look. "Natasha was wearing a custom Proenza Schouler dress and wanted to keep the look daytime friendly but still red carpet glamorous," said Denno. Below, she shares how she created the look:   
Get the Look:

  1. Says Denno, "I gave Natasha perfect glowing skin by applying a floral facial mist from RL Linden, followed by a face oil massage from Lina Hanson. Her gorgeous porcelain skin was pretty flawless, but I evened out her skin tone with a little foundation stick from Well People.
  2. "Her glowing cheeks are courtesy of Vapour Organic Beauty Cream Cheek Color in 'Courtesan.'
  3. "I gave her a bronze and black smokey eye using brown shadow from Kjaer Weis and a gold/black eyeliner from Make Up For Ever in 6K. Lots of black mascara completed the look.
  4. "Finally, on her lips I used a base of the same cheek/lip color as I used on her cheeks and topped it with Burt's Bees Peachy Toned Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus.
  5. "I applied lotion to her gorgeous skin with a lavender, all-natural lotion from Odacite mixed with a little Living Luminizer Glow from RMS Beauty."

Meanwhile, hairstylist Seiji created a "clean, polished [hair] look with a side part to complement Natasha's [gown]."

Get the Look:

  1. Says Seiji, "I applied Bumble & bumble Thickening Spray throughout her wet hair and then blew it dry.  
  2. "Next, I used a large barrel curling iron to create large natural waves throughout the hair. I then swept it to one side and finished with a bit of L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray for hold."


Rosamund Pike

Celebrity makeup artist Melanie Inglessis for MAKE UP FOR EVER was inspired by Rosamund Pike's elegant yet modern, asymmetrical gown when creating the Gone Girl star's makeup look at the SAG Awards. Said Inglessis, "To honor the dynamic, I wanted her makeup to remain neutral with a pop of color on the lip.”

Get the Look:

  1. Says Inglessis, “To prep Rosamund’s fair skin, I applied SISLEY Sisleya Essential Skincare Lotion all over the face which is the first step to my skincare ritual, followed by the refreshing SISLEY Floral Spray Mist.
  2. "To brighten the under-eye area, I applied a thick layer of SISLEY Eye Contour Mask and left it on for 10 minutes.
  3. "Next I mixed a few drops of SISLEY Black Rose Precious Face Oil with SISLEY Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration to keep Rosamund’s skin nourished all night long.
  4. "I finished [prepping the skin] with SISLEY Nutritive Lip Balm, which I left on until I was ready to apply lipstick. It’s important to use a primer that locks in moisture but also creates a flawless canvas, like the MAKE UP FOR EVER Step 1 Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer, which comes out in March.
  5. "I then feathered out MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation all over the face, followed by SISLEY Phyto-Cernes Eclat Concealer for under the eyes. To set the foundation I dusted CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Broad Spectrum SPF 15 all over and applied it with MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Medium Powder Brush #126.
  6. "To contour, I blended CHANEL Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base with MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Blending Brush #122 and worked the product below the cheek bone, then gently swiped it across the top of the forehead and bridge of the nose for a sun-kissed glow.
  7. "To add freshness to Rosamund’s makeup look I softly blended MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Blush #225 Peachy Pink to the apples of the cheeks.
  8. "Since I planned to focus on the lips I wanted to create soft definition on the eyes by applying MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Matic Eye Shadow Pencil in #ME-50 Metallic Golden Taupe to the top lid crease and softly smudged the color along the bottom lash line, ensuring it connected on the outer corner. I then used MAKE UP FOR EVER Artisan Large Blender Brush #242 to define the eyes with CHANEL Quadra Eyeshadow in Prélude. I used CHANEL Inimitable Mascara in Brun on the bottom lashes and then applied my favorite mascara, MAKE UP FOR EVER Smoky Lash Mascara Rich Black, to the top lashes to create a more intense look.
  9. "Rosamund’s lips are the focus of tonight’s makeup look and I wanted to add a pop of fun, matte color that would last for hours on the red carpet. I used MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil #25C Orange Red to line the lips and filled in with CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in La Pétillante.”


Tatiana Maslany

Celebrity hairstylist Rod Ortega created a fresh, young, asymmetrical ponytail for SAG Award Nominee Tatiana Maslany. The fun style perfectly complemented the Orphan Black star's red carpet look.

Get the Look:

  1. Beginning with damp hair, Rod used the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer and the T3 Paddle Brush to smoothly dry the hair.
  2. Once dry, he then used the T3 SinglePass X 1.5” Wide Flat Iron to straighten the hair.
  3. Next, Rod sectioned the top/front of the hair from the crown of the head (temple to temple) and set that hair aside in hair clip on top of head.
  4. Leaving the side pieces out, he gathered the rest of the hair at the nape of the neck and secured it in a small clear elastic.
  5. Taking half of the left sidepiece, Rod flipped and brushed the hair over to the opposite side and secured with a clear elastic.
  6. Next, Rod took the front clipped section, brushed it over to the left/opposite side and secured with a clear elastic.
  7. Rod then took the side sections secured in the clear elastics and and married them to the loose sidepieces hanging on the sides of the head.
  8. To gather all of the pieces, Rod took each sidepiece and twisted them into the existing low ponytail, securing with elastic.
  9. To finish the look Rod used finishing spray.


Sophia Bush

Celebrity stylist Creighton Bowman gave actress Sophia Bush a glam, faux-bob to complete her red carpet look. A touch of rock 'n roll gave the look a bit of edge, while soft, face-framing curls ensured the style was both elegant and beautiful.

Get the Look:

  1. Beginning with damp hair, Creighton used the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer to blowout the hair with the T3 Anti-Gravity 2.5” Round Brush
  2. After creating a deep side part, Creighton sectioned the hair into 4 parts, and beginning with the bottom layer, he used the T3 BodyWaver 1.75” Styling Iron to give the hair shape.
  3. Moving to the top layers, he then curled the hair in 2” sections using the Tapered Barrel of the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Barrel Styling Wand ensuring to wrap towards the face.
  4. To create tighter curls at the crown, and looser curls at the bottom, Creighton used the smallest part of the tapered barrel at the top of the head.
  5. After the top layer was curled, Creighton brushed out the curls with the T3 Paddle Brush and then proceeded to gather the hair as if he were going to create a low ponytail; he then ran the T3 Fahrenheit 450 Flat Iron over the area to break up the perfection of the curls.
  6. Once again, Creighton gathered the hair at the nape of the neck and rolled it up towards the back of the head, securing it with multiple hairpins.
  7. To create a modern, textured look, Creighton pulled out random pieces of the pinned hair.
  8. To finish, Creighton applied finishing spray to the entire head.


Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen wore a chic, modern, razored bob on the SAG Awards' red carpet. The look, created by celebrity stylist Jill Crosby, was inspired by the juxtaposition of the feminine, floral dress Julie wore, and a more rough hair look.

Get the Look:

  1. Beginning with damp hair, Jill prepped the hair with mousse to create a volumizing effect.
  2. Next, she dried the hair with the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer, using the concentrator to better focus the heat.
  3. To create the textured straight hair, Jill used only her fingers (no brush) while drying the hair, stretching and pulling out any of the natural curl.
  4. After the hair was 80% dry, Jill used a generous amount of dry shampoo to add additional rough texture and then continued to rough dry the hair.
  5. Once complete, Jill used the T3 Fahrenheit 450 Flat Iron from the middle to ends of the hair to eliminate any bends.
  6. To finish off the deconstructed look, Jill took a piece of hair on each side and pulled it back and down, securing with a gold bobby pin.
  7. Finally, Jill applied finishing spray to hold.


Ariel Winter

Celebrity hairstylist Aviva Perea was inspired by classic, Old Hollywood glamour when creating the hair look for Modern Family star Ariel Winter. With icons like Veronica Lake in mind, Aviva created luxurious, cascading waves that perfectly complemented Ariel's stunning, white, Zac Posen gown.

Get the Look:

  1. Beginning with damp hair, Aviva prepared the hair with a volumizing spray and blew it dry with the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer.
  2. Starting at the nape of the neck and working her way to the top of the head, she curled 1” sections of hair (all in the same direction) using the T3 SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron, setting each curl with a small clip.
  3. Aviva let the curls set for approximately 15 minutes.
  4. Once the curls cooled, Aviva unclipped them and brushed out with a T3 paddle brush.
  5. To finish the look, Aviva sculpted the waves in a Veronica Lake style.


Anna Chlumsky

Celebrity stylist Creighton Bowman created a modern twist on a classic bob for VEEP star Anna Chlumsky at the SAG Awards. The sleek look paired well with Anna's structured, graphic gown.

Get the Look:

  1. Beginning with damp hair, Creighton prepared the hair with straightening gel and then, after sectioning into 4 parts, he blew out the hair using the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer and the 3” T3 Anti-Gravity Round Brush. Expert Tip: Use a large round brush to lift the hair off the head and give it movement.
  2. Once hair was completely dry, Creighton sectioned it into 4 parts and used the T3 SinglePass X 1.5” Wide Iron to completely straighten the hair in 2 inch sections. Expert Tip: Start straightening hair 2 inches from the root to maintain volume at the top of the head.
  3. To ensure every piece of hair was completely straight, Creighton used the T3 Carbon Rat Tail comb to comb the hair directly in front of the flat iron.
  4. To finish the look, Creighton applied hairspray.


[Images: Getty Images]

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