Holiday Makeup How To: Red Lips and Bold Brows

'Tis the season to get decked, and going retro with a crimson smile and big bold brows with a hint of sparkle does the trick. Think classic glamour, like Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Gwen Stefani – gorgeous! Below, check out owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York City, Malynda Vigliotti's (aka Boom Boom), tips for creating a classically beautiful holiday look for your client.

"Before the party season, get a professional shaping and tint to darken up brows and make them look fuller," advises Boom Boom. "Then, make those babies pop with powder and highlighter!"

Perfect Big Bold Brows
1. Says Boom Boom, "Hold an angled brush like a pen and put a small amount of Boom Boom Boostiers brow powder on the brush.

2. "Starting in the center, fill in sparse areas and shadow the shape of the brow – never draw a new shape with powder (or pencil, for that matter), that’s where you’ll get into a jam. You can extend the length and shape of [the] brows, but stick to their natural shape.

3. "Use the matte concealer side of Boom Boom Push-Up brow highlighting pencil (it’s a new formulation and so creamy) on the brow bone to create the illusion of lift and camouflage stragglers that grow between waxing services.

4. "Dab the sparkle side on the inside corner of the eye for a dash of wonderment for the holiday season.

"Brow highlighter accentuates the positive and downplays the negative," adds Boom Boom. "It's the little pick-me-up every woman wants and deserves. Spread sparkle and cheer with Push Up - it’s the perfect stocking stuffer, even for yourself!"

Perfect Red Lip
1. Apply a lip foundation.

2. Brush on favorite red lipstick from the middle out.

3. Apply a matching red liner around the edges of the lips for definition, if lips are thin, you can apply liner just outside your lip line to fake fullness.

4. Rub lips together to spread and even lipstick.

[Image: Venturelli/Getty Images]

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