Holiday Hair How To: The Braided Ponytail by Joico


For the third episode of the Joico Holiday Hairstyle video tutorial series, Joico’s Glam Hair Expert Katie Bilovol created a chic but edgy textured side ponytail with a Dutch braid that's perfect for a festive cocktail party. To complete the holiday look, TV Fashion pro Sydne Summer offers some fashion styling tips for the perfect outfit.

Get the Look:

  1. Section hair into a really heavy side part all the way down to the ear.  Clip the heavy parted section to keep out of the hair. Tease the Crown of the back section.
  2. Gather the hair to create a low ponytail on the opposite side of the heavy parting, using a small dab of Super Shine Glossing Polish to give the ponytail some grip while you smooth it down, and tie it with a clear elastic band.
  3. Take the heavy side part that was clipped out of the way and create a Dutch braid. The center section of the braid get crossed over to the outside, alternating (opposite of a French Braid).
  4. Secure the Dutch braid with a clear elastic, and wrap it around the ponytail. Fasten the loose end with a bobby pin underneath.
  5. Add texture to the ponytail by “raking”/backcombing the hair with your fingers. Spray the ponytail with some Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax for added texture.
  6. Mist the finished hairstyle with Humidity Blocker to keep frizz away.

Styling Tips: The very best way to show off a pony? With a long, lean turtleneck that draws the eye high. Grab one with shimmery detailing—plus a skirt that’s equally heavy on the metal—and you’ve got an easy ensemble that’s ramped up for evening.
Video Tutorial:

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