Men's Hair Trends: The Tried and True Side Part


The Tried and True Side Part

The look is everywhere: gracing the heads of runway models, on celebrities like George Clooney and Justin Timberlake, and now it's taking to the streets. The men's side part, made undeniably famous by Elvis Presley, has been a grooming staple since the middle of the twentieth century. And now, this 60-year-old trend is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, as seen on runways at the Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Whether your client is trying the side part for the first time, or he's looking to switch up an existing style, Eufora HERO for Men Technical Director Jay Fata has the tips you need to help perfect any variation of this look.

"The JT"
This version can be described as a mix of edgy rocker and Rat Pack, as seen during Tommy Hilfiger's show.

Step 1: According to Fata, “This look is obtained first through a great precision cut, then through product and detailed styling. The sides of the hair should be kept longer and not as tailored to show depth to the look without compromising the length.”

Step 2: Apply a creamy paste, like Eufora HERO for Men™ Grooming Cream, liberally to towel-dried hair. If hair is longer in length, use fingers to gently lift hair three inches away from the scalp and blow-dry to create volume at the root.

Step 3: When hair is mostly dry, part it along the ridge of the head on the desired side. Then, using a wide-toothed comb or a vent brush, comb hair in to place.

Step 4: Starting in the back of the head, smooth hair down as you go, eventually ending at the front hairline. Use a light hairspray like, Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray™ to lock in the style.

"Dapper Dan"
This side part is classy, clean and timeless, as seen on the models at Michael Kors' show.

Step 1: Fata says, “Tight combing and serious finish work make this look.” With damp hair and a fine toothcomb, use a product with sheen and gloss like Eufora HERO for Men™ Pliable Pomade to create a sharp part straight back from the middle of the left eye. The best way to achieve this is to work from back to front when parting.

Step 2: Using a comb, flatten the hair to the head and comb away from part on either side.

Step 3: Secure the look with a product that will keep hair in place like Eufora HERO for Men™ Texture Putty.  

"The Anti-Pomp"
This style is relaxed and on-trend, as seen on the J. Crew Runway.

Step 1: Fata says, “This look can be loose or structured, depending on the guy. Parting the hair to one side or the other implements the commitment to style, but the sheen of the product will show the depth of it.”

Step 2: Start with damp hair and apply a pliable product like Eufora HERO for Men™ Defining Wax sparingly to the ends only.

Step 3: Using a blow dryer, start by drying the roots completely while holding the hair straight up and back for volume.

Step 4: Once hair is dry, use a wide-tooth comb to create an undefined part by letting the hair fall naturally.

Step 5: Apply more wax to the finished style, making sure to use fingers to rake through hair.

Step 6: Finish with a small amount of hairspray like Eufora Elevate Finishing Spray™.

The Tried and True Side Part

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[Images courtesy of West PR]

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