Falling For Change: The Perfect Short Haircut

Fall is a time of change, and what better way to embrace the season than with a new, shorter haircut? It's the perfect time of year to help your client make the big chop: drier weather makes for good styling, short strands look cute peaking out from hats, and with frequent trims to keep short hair looking great, worries over dry ends will become a thing of the past.

Rosa Hawkins, Goldwell® North America Artistic Team Member and owner of Di Rosa Haircare and Esthetique, NY, is helping her clients fall for change. Here, she gives you all the tips you need to give your clients the perfect short haircut.

Universal Short Cut:

Step 1: Starting in the nape, take vertical sections of hair and use a razor to cut hair close to the head up to occipital.

Step 2: Create diagonal forward sections: continue to cut up the back of the head allowing some hair to fall a bit longer over the nape.

Step 3: Continue in diagonal forward sections on the sides.

Step 4: In the front left, carve out a section over the eye, leaving the right fringe slightly disconnected. 


Step 1: Apply Goldwell® Topchic® Highlift 11SV with 30 volume from scalp to ends.

Step 2: Freehand paint Goldwell® SilkLift® with 20 volume for highlights.

With this new look, your client will leave feeling beautifully transformed!

[Image courtesy of Glow Communications]

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