Hair Styles How To: Makeover: Larissa by Diadema

83003p Diadema After Larissa Dvd

Transform limp, dull hair into a bouncy red bob in this hair style how to!

Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Makeup: Cristina Marzo per 20100 Milano
Photography: Stefano Bidini

1.  Point cut the hair at the nape.

2.   Continue up the side to the mid ear.

3.  Lengthen cut the left side from the mid ear to the front.

4.  Lift the right side section   and point cut from underneath toward the mouth.

5.  Fringe: Point cut from the left eyebrow to below the right eye.

6.  Create a parting from ear to ear and then divide the back in half.

7.  Back left area: Comb up at a diagonal to the ear and point cut, making a graduation.

Do the same on the back right area.

8.   Graduations: Starting from behind the left ear, make perpendicular sections, point cutting to lengthen.

9.  Blend to the top area with horizontal sections, point cutting perpendicularly.

10.  On the front side sections, turn the points up and point cut. Use the same technique on the right side maintaining the length of the fringe.

11.  Personalize: Diagonally point cut outward on the front side sections.

12.  Point cut the top in horizontal sections.

13.  Soften the rest with thinning shears.


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