Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Emily by Diadema

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Hair: Diadema
Makeup: 20100 Milano
Art Director: Fabio Messina
Extension: Zeropiù
Photographer: Stefano Bidini


Step 1:  Cut hairline in a zigzag pattern.

Step 2:  Continue zigzag cutting toward ear.

Step 3:   Cut front section from 2 cm below the earlobe down to the chin (on both sides).

Step 4: Bangs: Create a triangle.

Comb it over the left eye, rotate the fingers to the left and point cut to the nose to achieve lengthening.  

Step 5:  Connect only the left side with a natural fall. Rotate like the bangs and freehand cut.

Step 6:  Isolate a 3 cm circular section between the top and the crown.

Hold it vertical and feather cut.

Step 7:  Start from the left side and overdirect, gathering in the layers and the graduations.

Step 8:  In the back, layer at 90º.

Step 9:  Continue graduations from ear to ear perpendicularly.

Step 10:  Slide down the sides diagonally with a razor.

While shaving, bring the sections up and to the center.

Step 11:  In the back section, use thinning shears at a diagonal, pointing shears downward.

Step 12:  At the crown, separate back sections and razor shave from underneath.


Final Photos:



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