Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Ines by Diadema

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Hair: Diadema

Makeup: Tiziana Romano

Photographer: Stefano Bidini


Step 1:  Isolate the top of the head starting from the left and going down diagonally to over the right ear.

Leave out the front area.

Step 2:  Trim hairline flat at about the width of a finger from the roots.

Step 3:  Trim from the middle of the left ear to the hairline.

Step 4:  Trim from the middle of the left ear toward the nose.

Step 5:  Bangs: Twist one-inch sections of hair starting from the left eye and going towards the right, and razor cut each section to the right.

Step 6:  Follow along the right side with the same technique going down to the chin and on the left side to the hairline.

Step 7:  Graduations: Start from behind the right ear and freehand cut at 90º.

Step 8:  Layer: Let the top area down and make a part on the left.

Connect the layer with the graduations starting from the left side and making twists that will be cut freehand upward toward the face.

Step 9:  Continue layering along the right side.

Step 10:  Snip alternating sections of the top area with straight shears.

Step 11:  Lighten the top area with large twists.

Final Photos:




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