Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Christine by Diadema

Final shot

Hair: Diadema

Makeup: Tiziana Romano

Photographer: Stefano Bidini


Step 1:  Point cut at length desired.

Step 2:  Blend into sides to 4 cm below chin.

Step 3:  Pull the fringe section over the right eye and pull down to cut, creating an inverted curve.

Step 4:  Blend into the sides by pulling down and cutting.

Step 5:  Make the top with deep zigzag perpendicular cuts.

Step 6:  Make the layer on the sides by pulling the section perpendicular and evening out.

Step 7:  In the back area, pull the hair out perpendicular and even out at an accentuated slant.

Step 8:  Snip the ends of the layers.

Step 9:  Personalize the top by pulling straight down.

Step 10:  Lighten the rest of the hair with point cuts to the ends.

Final Photos:


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