Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Jasmine by Diadema

65081 O Yulia 4 001 Dim

Hair: Diadema

Makeup: 20100 Milano

Photographer: Stefano Bidini


Step 1:  Hairline: Comb hair straight down and point cut to collar length.

Step 2:  Proceed point cutting up the sides to chin length.

Step 3:  Fringe: Create a triangle section and point cut with fingers turned upward toward the tip of the nose.

Step 4:  Blend the sides and front by dividing hair from ear to ear.

Pull hair forward and towards the nose tip, point cut with fingers turning up.

Step 5:  Pull hair toward the front and slide cut to blend and create length.

Step 6:  Create diagonal sections in the front, and slide cut layers and graduations on the sides holding hair perpendicular.

Step 7:  Create triangles in the back. Use a strand from the point of the triangle as a guide and bring it to the center.

Step 8:  Comb the hair up vertically and cut with thinning shears.

Step 9:  Shorten and thin graduations (following the outlines of the triangles) using thinning shears.

Step 10:  Personalize the layer by slide cutting downward in diagonal sections.

Step 11:  Fringe: Personalize with thinning shears on the ends.

Final Photos:


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