Hair Styles HOW TO: Makeover: Martina from Diadema

65080 T Martina 4 016 Dim

Salon: Diadema Hair Fashion
Extension: Zeropiù
Photography:  Stephano Bidini
Makeup:  20100 Milano

Step 1:  Comb hair straight down and point cut the back just below collar line.

Step 2:  Continue to point cut on the sides, directing hair towards the shoulders.

Step 3:  Fringe: Create a triangular section from the top area and project it over the right eye.

Point cut in a diagonal zigzag pattern from cheekbone toward tip of nose.

Step 4:  Face contour: Divide hair in a horseshoe pattern from ear to ear and approximately 2 cm. behind the ears.

Slide cut hair in a downward and forward motion.

Step 5:  Top section: cut straight across holding hair at a 90° angle from the head

Step 6:  Slide cut slightly from the top to the bangs to blend.

Step 7:  Blend and layer the sides with diagonal graduating sections from the top area.

Step 8:  Make a semicircle parting in the back,  then pull it vertically and cut straight across.

Step 9:  Make three rectangle sections in the back  directly below the crown area and slide cut in a downward direction.

Step 10:  Take the triangle of the fringe area and comb it over the right eye Elevate slightly and cut with thinning shears.

Step 11:  Repeat the same process on the sides.

Step 12:  In the back take 2 cm. sections, pull them forward and use thinning shears to cut.

Final Photos:


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