Hair Styling Repair: Marko Tomassetti

Sally Hershberger stylist Marko Tomassetti recommends deep masks, Henna and Sally Hershberger’s new Salon Keratin Fix to soothe and treat damaged hair.

Sally Hershberger’s Salon Keratin Fix, a transformative 3-in-1 serum, works as an oil treatment to revitalize and nourish, as a thermal styler to use before hot tools, and also as a finisher to tame frizz and smooth and polish style. Use for preventing damage and protecting locks, while acting as a Keratin treatment.

Henna (a pure protein therapy option) strengthens hair and pushes out moisture at the same time, and should be done often to coat and protect. It’s imperative to always do a ten-minute moisture treatment after to avoid breakage, since hair is hard after the Henna. Henna is wonderful, but it’s also fragile and time-consuming.

Lastly, Tomasetti doesn’t suggest major color changes. Instead, he advises doing them over 3 sessions to avoid from as much damage possible. This helps the hair look and feel better, and keeps the color lasting longer. By the third session, only the roots need to be changed with a gloss or condition the ends. The results: healthy hair, which can grow longer!


[Image: Fuse/Thinkstock]

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