Fashion How To: Men Are You Wearing the Right Collar?

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Attention all guys: If you're going on a first date or a really important interview, you might want to rethink your outfit choice. Especially when it comes to the dress shirt. Did you know there are dozens of different types of collars, and each collar flatters (or doesn't flatter) your face. Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's what you need to know to find the perfect collar for your face type.

When in doubt, always chose a semispread.

  • The Spread Collar: The spread collar is great for a power suit or when you want to look macho and manly.
  • The Button-Down Collar: The button-down is a great classic with a preppy twist. This would be great for going to a brunch.

Now, you don't want to wear a collar that is the same shape as your face; it won't complement it at all—instead, it'll focus unwanted attention to your face.

The Long (or Oblong) Face

Oblong faces tend to look very long with a u-shaped jaw line. This face type looks best with a spread collar. Ed Young has a long face, and tells his video viewers that what complements his face best is a collar that's spread out. He recommends that shirts don't have to be too expensive; he found that his $29 shirt worked better for him than his $80 shirt. But be careful when the collar is too long—it will elongate your face.
If you have a long neck, unlike Pastor Young, not only do you want to find a spread collar, but you also want to find a shirt that sits up high (with two buttons). It will keep your neck looking shorter. Keep in mind not to wear a narrow spread collar.

The Round Face

If you have a round face, that means you have full, plump cheeks with a rounded jaw line. The best type of collar for this face—a shape shared by Jack Black and Elijah Wood—is a narrow straight-point collar; it will help thin out and elongate your round face. Stick with a more traditional cut and opt for a hidden button for a sportier look.

The Square Face

Square jaw lines are common with a square face, making it appear angular. The best collars for your Alec Baldwin-like face are standard point and button-down collars. You might feel like nothing works for your face because it is so boxy and large, but trust me: A nice pointed, button-down collar will have all the ladies checking you out.

The Diamond (or Triangular) Face

Most men with diamond faces have pronounced cheekbones and a pointed, narrow chin, like Richard Gere. The shirt you want is one with a collar that will make your jaw line look wider, so choose a spread collar. Avoid narrow spread collars, though; it will make your jaw look weak, and no one wants a weak jaw! Your worst collar? A button-down.

The Oval Face

If you have an oval face like Jude Law, give your parents a hug and a kiss. Why? Because you're lucky enough to be able to wear any style collar. You can start your day with a nice, traditional pointed collar for an everyday look and switch to a club collar for an evening date. Congrats to you!

—Cat Nieves

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