Alicia Keys' Billboard Music Awards Hair

Alicia Keys

Tippi Shorter shares the steps she used to style Alicia Keys' hair for the Billboard Music Awards:

*Alicia Keys’ hair was shampooed and conditioned with the smoothing collection from HAIR by Tippi Shorter.

*Ojon Revitalizing Mist was used to detangle and protect the hair from the hot Vegas sun.  

*Her hair was blown smooth using the Brazilian Heat After Dark 1900 watt AC motor dryer.

*Her hair was gathered in a high ponytail and secured with a bungee band.  

*Control pliable hairdressing wax from HAIR by Tippi Shorter was used to smooth the hair and prevent any flyaways.  

*Using a small amount of Control on my fingertips, I braided her ponytail, adding in pieces of human hair to make the braid bigger.  

*I wrapped the braid around, crown-like until I came up with the shape that she rocked on the red carpet.  

*I used baby bobby pins to secure the braid so it wouldn't move. 


[Images courtesy of Tippi Shorter]

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