WATCH: Scrimping and More Curl Techniques

Sam Villa Curl

Getting curls and texture to hold on clients with silky smooth curl resistant hair can be frustrating, so Sam Villa created Scrimping - a prep-technique done prior to curling to lock in curl pattern, texture and volume.

Spray Redken wool shake 08 on section and then tap randomly down the section with Sam Villa Signature Series TEXTUR Iron – using light to medium compression. “The TEXTUR iron resurfaces the hair cuticle and wool shake holds the altered surface, so when the hair is then curled, the curl has something to hold to and lock in place. It’s great for creating multi-textured finishes and foundations to support updo’s and styles with massive volume,” explains Villa.

More flat iron curling techniques:

Ribbon Curl: A curl with a sense of laziness, more relaxed and not too coiffed.

The idea is to stretch hair with heat – due to the placement and wrap technique of the hair, when it bounces back, it is curled. Think of the ribbons on gifts that are stretched with a scissor and then curl up once released.

  1. Take a medium size section 1” in length and ½” in width and prep with Redken iron silk 07 ultra straightening spray.
  2. Hold section in left hand.
  3. Hold SLEEKR in right hand with the iron vertical and palm facing head.
  4. Pinch section at base, as you pinch, fold hand so palm faces you (still holding the section with left hand).
  5. Slowly slide iron down to the end of the hair shaft ad release hair – it will spring into a ribbon curl.
  6. Finish with Redken workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray.

Tail Curl: The ultimate twisted, coiled accent curl, perfect for updo’s and multi-textured looks.

  1. Take a very small section and press with Redken spray starch 15 heat memory styler.
  2. Hold a Sam Villa Signature Series Tail Comb (can withstand up to 400 degrees of heat) by the teeth and twist section around the handle of the comb to the end (in essence, you are using the handle as a roller).
  3. Heat entire section with the SLEEKR – just pinch the iron from the beginning to the end of the comb handle.
  4. Slide comb out let curl fall and finish with Redken forceful 23 super strength finishing spray.

Paper Curl: a modern version of a pin curl that is flatter than the traditional pin curl.

  1. Take a ¼” square section and prep with Redken spray starch 15 heat memory styler.
  2. Loosely flat wrap the section around index finger.
  3. Slide off finger – holding pin curl in fingertips.
  4. Pinch with SLEEKR.
  5. Finish with Redken forceful 23 super strength finishing spray.


[Images courtesy of Sam Villa]

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