FASTFOILS's Biggest, Widest Rolls

FASTFOILS 5' wide, 5 lbs. roll and the 8' wide, 2 lbs. roll
FASTFOILS 5" wide, 5 lbs. roll and the 8" wide, 2 lbs. roll
courtesy of FASTFOILS

FASTFOILS has introduced FASTFOILS 5" wide, 5 lbs. roll, and the 8" ultra-wide, 2 lbs. roll.

FASTFOILS collaborated with celebrity stylist J Ladner, who became part of developing a bigger format, the 8x10" pre-cut foil for faster, blonder hair with the FASTFOILS technology.

Both of the new rolls have superior heat transfer, protect the integrity of the hair and speed up processing time, with the added benefit of the stylist being able to customize the length of foil they desire.

FASTFOILS has also redesigned its packaging to a sleek box design that holds the foil for safe storage and easier use at the station. 

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