J Ladner's Cobra Balayage Technique

Beauty Launchpad and NAILPRO are collaborating to present the Beauty Go Pro Show, a virtual event from Oct. 24–27, 2021, co-hosted to bring the best salon techniques, business advice, trends, product information and networking to beauty professionals.

At the virtual Beauty Go Pro Show, expect to see two full days dedicated to salon and nail artistry advanced education.

Educator J Ladner is one of the amazing artists who will be presenting at the event. Ladner is an accomplished hair and makeup artist, content creator, colorist and the digital creative director for Oligo Professionnel

During his virtual session, Ladner will be showing discussing the art of balayage and how stylists can place lightness where it matters. Check out the video above, where Ladner previews his dynamic "cobra balayage technique."  

Stay tuned for more Beauty Go Pro Show announcements. Pre-registration is open now.

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