New Launch: Hairstory Cape + Candle Bundle

A Gift For Your Hairdresser1

Hairstory, an eco-friendly haircare brand, is launching a new holiday bundle: the Cape + Candle Bundle.

The bundle is a product of a collaboration between Hairstory and Woodlot. Woodlot is an all-natural line of ethically sourced, 100 percent natural home and skincare basics. 8oz Woodlot Recharge Candle8oz Woodlot Recharge Candle

The bundle contains a limited edition Hairstory cape and the Woodlot Recharge Candle, which provides up to 40 hours of peppermint and rosemary aromas to kickstart one’s day. The candle comes in a recyclable glass and is made without petroleum, GMOs or phthalates.

Hairstory also has an additional gift for hairstylists:

When a client purchases from a Hairstory hairdresser, the purchase is logged. When that client repurchases from or Amazon, the hairdresser receives 25 percent commission, every single time. 

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