[GIVEAWAY] Gold Medal Maintenance: Diving Into Healthy, Beautiful Hair

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Before & After

Water damages hair; if Malibu C teaches us anything, it’s that! In fact, it’s the reason behind their science. Swimmers, divers, and those who spend additional time in the water take the damage up a notch. Thankfully,  Katherine lets us in on how to remove minerals and chemicals from our hair, as well as how to prevent severe buildup and damage.

- How is working on a swimmer’s hair different than a non-swimmer?

It depends on how often they swim and what steps they take to prep their hair before they swim. Wearing a swimmer’s cap and applying a leave-in (like Malibu C Leave-In Mist) can go a long way toward keeping the hair safe from the chemicals and minerals in pool (or any!) water.

- How did you determine how long to process Crystal Gel on Jessica’s hair?

Jess is religious on her prep before she swims; compared to others, her hair is in great condition due to her at-home maintenance. She has been using Malibu C for years and she also had a full Crystal Gel in December, so I processed her for 30 minutes opposed to the full 45 minutes. 

- How frequently would you recommend a swimmer to get a CG?

Every two to three months depending on their prep before swimming and how often they are in the water. As stated above, wearing a swim cap and prepping with a protective leave-in before hitting the water helps tremendously! 

- Why does swimmers’ hair turn green?

Not from chlorine! That’s a myth. The chlorine is an oxidizer, it’s the copper sulfides in the pool chemicals that actually cause that green tint. The chlorine just helps open the cuticle for other chemicals to get in the hair. While this is more apparent on blonde hair, that greenish tint can sneak into other colors, as well. 

- What are some signs that the water is damaging their hair?

There are so many! Damaged hair often presents as dryness, brittleness, discoloration, or hair that tangles easily when wet or dry. The minerals and chemicals in all water (pool, tap, softened, hard, etc) build up on the hair creating cocktails of issues.

- What Malibu C products do you recommend for at-home hair care for swimmers?

Several products come to mind, for hair, body, and even swimwear! The Swimmers Wellness Collection, Leave-In Conditioner Mist, Miracle Repair, B5 Face & Body Moisture Mist, Ultra Body Lotion, and SwimWear Care Crystals Fabric Rinse to keep their swimsuits nicer longer! The Malibu Blondes collection of products will help re-brighten dulled or discolored blonde hair (whether natural or not)!

With summer officially just around the corner, a lot of us will be planning poolside or beach escapes to soak up the sun and revel in those summer vibes. Even if we’re not in the water quite as much as Jess, the chemicals and minerals will attack our hair. Thankfully, Malibu C has products to reverse current damage and prevent further damage.

Keep the summer vibes without the damage. Enter to WIN this bundle of Malibu C products for swimmers and blondes!

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