Hanz De Fuko Has New Style-Lock Hairspray

Hanz De Fuko

Renowned grooming line Hanz de Fuko has unveiled their latest product—one that's been three years in the making: Style-Lock, an extreme-hold hairspray. The groundbreaking formula immediately locks in any hairstyle left to the artists’ imagination all-day or nightlong. Not only does this spray condition and stimulate hair growth with its key ingredients—mallow flower and horsetail extracts—but it also locks in moisture with sunflower oil.

Apple fruit extract is infused to help fight the signs of aging hair, while lemon peel and burdock root extracts fight dandruff. Some key successes Style-Lock offers are that it goes on dry while allowing easy brushing without flaking, and immediately locks in any hairstyle imaginable, providing hold all day. For the best results, hold the container 10 to 12 inches from your hair, and use short bursts to lock your hairstyle into place. Style-Lock is currently available for pre-order, and begins shipping August 15.

Hanz De Fuko

The inspiration for Style-Lock is based on Hanz de Fuko's core beliefs as a brand, which celebrates individuality, self-expression, and artistic appeal. As a company that started in 2009 in San Francisco's Mission District, the brand has always been inspired by customers that let their freak flags fly. Hanz de Fuko believes that customers are the heart and soul of their product line, and encourages its core base to resist conformity.

The design of Style-Lock, which is purposely made to resemble a can of spray paint, represents artistic expression. It's meant to be a symbol of ones self-expression, having no apologies or regrets for representing ones own personal style.

Please note: The images above show that the product is "Certified Organic." The latest FTC regulations require Aerosol products to not be considered Certified Organic or Natural even if the product ingredients prove otherwise. The product will not have that line when shipped.

[Images courtesy of Hanz de Fuko]

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