KMS Launches Curl Up Products for Curly Hair


CurlupKMS has launched two new revolutionary products for styling curly hair; CURLUP leave-in conditioner and Perfection Lotion.

Clients with curly hair spend 43% more on hair care products than their straight-haired counterparts, and they are all looking for the same result; bundled curls that are touchable, frizz-free and have all-day shine.

KMS developed these two products with a pressure-activated technology. Meaning that you can scrunch, touch, tousle your curls all day long and not end up with a frizzy mop of tangled hair. The frizz-proof formulas are activated by scrunching your hair, so your curls stay bundled, bouncy, and defined.  

Sonna Brado, Artistic Director, described the following features:

Leave-in conditioner

·       Leave-in conditioner is the #1 most-used product for those with curly hair

·       A specially designed cream, not spray, for curly hair that is weightless but hydrating.

·       Protects against heat, thermal styling

·       Hydrates curls, not heavy

Perfecting Lotion

·       Uses “flexible polymers” that are activated by scrunching the hair

·       Curls are refreshed instead of crushed when you touch your hair, as this product re-activates when you scrunch your curls

·       Curls stay defined and bundled

·       Moisturizes

·       Can be used on wet or dry hair

·       Re-activation lasts up to 3 days

Stylists Simon Miller, Lori Panarello, and Molly Tremante treated attendees to a quick style using the KMS CURLUP line of products.

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