Web Exclusive: 5 Must-Have Hair Products for the Holidays


MusthaveproductsYes, it's here, the holiday season, which means your clients are bouncing from one party to the next. Below, Lea Journo, celebrity hair stylist, of the Lea Journo Salon in Beverly Hills, shares her top 5 must-have hair products for the woman on-the-go. Perfect for social gatherings, these hair products are also recommended to have at any given time - running to a meeting, going on a date or leaving the gym. Advise your client to keep these on-hand all through the season!

Top 5 Must have Hair Products for The Woman On-the-Go:

1. "Hair Pins and/or Bobby Pins: These very inexpensive accessories, are useful to have all the time. Stash them in your wallet, cup holder in your car, and your pen holder at your desk. You never know when you will need a pin, to smooth out a bun or create a last minute look.

2. "Dry Shampoo: After a long day's work, constantly running your hands in your tresses can result in a unflattering, greasy hairstyle. That's an easy fix with some dry shampoo, like Lea Journo's Petite Poudre Dry Shampoo, which will remove excess oil while taming frizz and adding volume.

3. "Flat Brush: Your fingers can be your brush, but having a compact flat brush on-hand will help you tease your hair for extra volume! By the end of the day, your hair maybe flat, so give it a bit of a tease to pump it up with life.

4. "Styling & Defense Serum/Cream: Add smoothness and shine, along with texture to hair. Give your hair movement, so you can be extra flirty with that co-worker you've been crushing on all year. Try Lea Journo's B-6 Styling & Defense Serum.

5. "Small Elastic Hair Ties: These little ties with bobby pins can create a simple elegant look. All you need to do is braid your hair, tie it off with an elastic band and bobby pin it up. When you are in a hurry, and need a quick style change, these bands, can be a lifesaver and style changer!"

[Image courtesy of Love PR]

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