Schwarzkopf Professional Rolls Out COLOUR ALCHEMY

Courtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional has released COLOUR ALCHEMY, inspired by colors found in nature but designed to change color based on temperature.

The new collection allows for the creation of instant, holographic effects on hair.

The shades in the COLOUR ALCHEMY collection are designed to replicate visual effects of natural color phenomenon found  in nature. Each shade scatters the light in a range of kaleidoscopic hues, which responds to temperature.

The effects do not require pre-lightening or bleaching treatment, even on the darkest hair base. So these unique colors can be achieved with no damage to the hair. 

The five shades in the collection include:


  • Visible applied color: none 
  • Prismatic color change: solar orange, jasmine green, lapis blue 
  • Suitable for bases: 1-3 


PEACOCKPEACOCKCourtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

  • Visible applied color: petrol blue 
  • Prismatic color change: peacock green, cyanine blue, ultraviolet 
  • Suitable for bases: 1-4 


BOREALISBOREALISCourtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

  • Visible applied color: iris purple 
  • Prismatic color change: clover green, flame orange, imperial violet 
  • Suitable for bases: 3-6 


ANDRITEANDRITECourtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

  • Visible applied color: azalea pink 
  • Prismatic color change: emerald green, cobalt blue, ruby purple 
  • Suitable for bases: 4-6 


PHOENIXPHOENIXCourtesy of Schwarzkopf Professional

  • Visible applied color: amber red 
  • Prismatic color change: burnt orange, pollen yellow, ultraviolet 
  • Suitable for bases: 4-6 

Need to know! COLOR-CHANGING TRIGGERS include:

  • Sunlight 
  • Moving from shade to sunlight, and vice versa 
  • Using a heat source, e.g. heat lamps, blowdryer 
  • Body temperature—natural warmth of the head or shoulders or hands
  • Cooling wind or a warming breath 

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