Don't Cover Professional Salon Color - Revive It

Eufora Color Revive

Forget the box color to freshen up salon color. Instead use, Eufora Color Revive.

Revive and refresh salon pro color while hunkering down at home until those salon doors are open again. Guests and stylists will be confident in the results!

This color enhancing treatment delivers exceptional vibrancy, shine and conditioning benefits.  Infused with a Eufora proprietary botanical blend,  Color Revive can refresh and revive dull color or infuse a temporary tone.

What makes it exceptional?

Inula Extract helps color penetrate deeper into the hair for increased color intensity, vibrancy, and shine.

The Eufora All Plant Essence(™) of Sage and Thyme protects, conditions and improves shine while soothing the scalp and improving weak, brittle hair.

Easy 3-step process to lock in your color

Step 1. Cleanse - Wash your hair with your favorite Eufora Shampoo and rinse.

Step 2. Revive -  Work Color Revive through hair. Leave on 3-5 minutes. Rinse well.

Step 3. Seal - Lock in refreshed color using Beautifying Elixirs Replenishing Treatment. If you don’t have it on hand, your favorite Eufora Conditioner can perform double duty!

Disruptor Box:

Limited time offer - Receive a FREE Replenishing Treatment 1 Oz with every full-size Color Revive Purchase.  Visit to learn more.

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