Hair Salon Educators Introduces "The Comb"

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This just in! There's a revolutionary new tool called The Comb that guides hairstylists to cut hair with perfection. No more long loose pieces or short holes in the hair shape. Today's modern woman is tired of inconsistent haircuts and wants an amazing haircut—one that will allow her to stand out in a crowd. She wants a cut that is low-maintenance and replicable. The current lack of this "in demand" delivery is the primary reason an average client changes her hairstylist 2-3 times a year!

Every profession has innovative ideas and improves its trade by using science and technology. Today's hairstylist can now do the same to provide the client with the most for their money.

The Comb is a ideal haircutting tool for teachers in the hairstyling industry. It is a professional salon tool being used to train some of top hairstylists in the United States.

Hair Salon Educators provides master level training using The Comb at their training academy in Corona Del Mar, CA. To learn more about The Comb, visit

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