3 Fall Color Picks from Guy Tang

Guy Tang shares his predictions for three fall hair color trends that your clients will be asking for.
Guy Tang shares his predictions for three fall hair color trends that your clients will be asking for.
Courtesy of Sofia Zhuravetc

Fall is here, which means new color trends are here! 

Below, celebrity hairstylist and #Mydentity founder Guy Tang shares his insight on what will be three trending colors this fall that clients will be asking for and how to bring them to life using #Mydentity products. 

Warm Tones 

Warm tones are making an exciting comeback, and there’s so many shades to choose from. If you’re looking for more natural warm shades such as cinnamon and maple gold, I recommend the Twilight Dream and Naked Glow series, which give warm golden beige amber tones that look believable. For fiery oranges, I would recommend a flaming direct dye like the Mydentity Phoenix Fire for that animated copper hair.

Ashy Gray

Ashy smoky brown and blonde are great options for cooling down the hair. Brunette hair can have smoky brown glazes, while blondes can be more muted. I, myself, get a cool glaze on my brown hair every 3-4 months to control any brass tones the sun exposure and styling elements can bring out. The shade I use on myself is the Mydentity Demi-Permanent Hair Color in Wicked Shadow7, which is an ash green to mute red tones. I would mix in Midnight Blue 3 to further control orange brass in the root area. On my ends, I would mix in Silver Smoke 8 to smoke out the hair.

Glazed Hair 

Color gloss is my favorite option to tone the hair without the fear of change. It’s about glazing the hair to add shine and soft color to either control, enhance, enrich or deepen the hair color. The options are endless. The hair will appear healthier and shinier. It can make your brown deeper, your blondes warmer or cooler and your reds richer. Gloss fades on tone and back to your natural color. I use demi-permanent color more than anything in the salon, and there’s been so many misconceptions and misunderstandings on what it is. But, through my YouTube channel, I share and educate on the importance of demi-permanent color in the salon for clients.

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