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Headlines: August, 2007The latest and greatest color tools at your service!

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En Garde!

Protect your clients’ haircolor from the ravages of “the solvation effect.” Nioxin Glyco-Color Shield, which bonds with hair’s keratin both on the cuticle surface and within the shaft, creates a glyco-proteinaceous barrier, enhancing hair’s ability to retain color. And for those who suffer from scalp sensitivity due to chemical residue, Glyco-Color Shield helps the skin’s ability to recover, too.

Face Off

Stop ring around the forehead! +Repelle Professional Haircolor Stain Shield Wand protects skin from stains, redness and irritation from haircolor chemicals. Chock-full of shea butter and vitamin E to moisturize, and Pretectin-22 to repel haircolor, the shield wand leaves facial skin clean, soft and stain-free.

Getting Technical

Learn insider tips from some of the greatest color artists in the industry with Redken Amazing Color DVD. Available in both English and Spanish, the DVD features Redken artists Suzanne Strum, Dhaniel Doud, George Garcia and Lori Zabel who walk you through applications, formulations, consultation techniques, six step-by-step techniques and more.

Make a Deposit

It’s time to get familiar with the brand-new L’Oréal Professionnel Colorist Collection. This new system—a re-stage of Artec—features improved formulas that counter color fade and enhance the quality of colortreated hair. The system contains 12 color-depositing shampoos and conditioners, including two new shades—Vanilla Bean and Hazelnut—and is formulated with Color-Recharging Complex.

Sprushing Up

Keep your clients from head wetting with TempleClean Sprush Set. Complete with seven brightly colored highlighter and relaxer applicator tools, the sponge-brush set is enclosed in a stylish, zippered PVC case.

Roux the Day

Delivering enough lightening power to raise haircolor up to seven levels for deep de-coloration and uniform bleaching, dust-free Roux Violites contains violet pigments for anti-yellowing action plus built-in conditioners to maintain hair’s integrity.

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